LINDBERG 8555 Sunglasses


LINDBERG Sun is the most distinctive collection of sunglasses on the market today. They are exquisite sunglasses in a class of their own, designed for sophisticated consumers.

The collection spans from exclusive elegance and understated luxury to the rugged and highly functional. All LINDBERG Sun frames are designed and hand-finished to provide the outstanding quality and functionality for which LINDBERG eyewear is so well known. LINDBERG Sun sleekly combines design-sculpted frames with  lenses of exceptionally high optical quality. The lenses ensure ideal vision, optimum protection and unusually effective glare protection.

The exquisite finish and the many innovative details make each pair of LINDBERG sunglasses a luxury item. On certain models, the special titanium material features a high-tech PVD coating that makes it exceptionally hard-wearing, as well as creating an extraordinary colour experience.

Brad Pitt was seen in LAX wearing LINDBERG Sun 8555 after returning from the BAFTA Awards in London in February 2014.


Brad Pitt wearing LINDBERG 8555


The lightness, flexibility and adjustability of LINDBERG Sun frames are second to none, so even the largest models fit perfectly, and are so light that you hardly notice you’re wearing them. The screwless hinges are world-patented. The temples can be ordered with lengths to suit each wearer, and both the temples and the bridge are adjusted to fit the individual wearer by an authorised LINDBERG optician. The nose pads are available in four different high-comfort shapes.

LINDBERG sunglasses are only available from specially trained LINDBERG opticians, who have been carefully selected from among the leading professionals in their field.

Price from  400.00

Available from: selected opticians or visit

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