Paddock Magazine August 2015 Edition


You’ve guessed it – Paddock magazine has changed its “livery”. From the cover to the last printing mark, we are freshly powered up for a new chapter. Explore the new design by taking a glance at our starting grid, data, columns & features, special report and the lifestyle section.
After a really peculiar first season that Formula E had, we decided to look more closely into the business, sponsorship and marketing side of it – what were the strengths and weaknesses? Also, check out all the solid columns to find out about power struggles, key choices, relevant deals and meet interesting personalities that will definitely get back to your radar soon.
Whether it’s a bit sad or not, this may be our very last special report that we do. So we picked our favourite subject – private aviation, or as we call it, “the business side of sipping champagne in the sky”. Don’t worry, we’ll have something exciting ready for you instead of the reports, and we’re working on it right now to present it both in time and in style.
Keep it perfect and enjoy!

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