Paddock Magazine July 2015 Edition


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This time, for instance, we learn how to keep Formula 1 exciting, how to fight the competition on and around any motorsport circuit, how to supercharge your sponsorship, keep it easy on an intense race day, make vigorous enhancements to a car, run a Formula 1 team and deal with various business problems that the motorsport industry faces.

Of course, there is more. Firstly, let’s take a peek at one of the most exclusive sectors in the world – the luxury properties market – and try to find business connections to motorsports by talking to the most interesting players in the real estate game. Secondly, why not look at the most realistic candidates to replace Bernie Ecclestone when the time comes? Thirdly, let’s open the curtains about what the top Formula 1 drivers are making this year. And finally, the lifestyle section is ready to welcome you and make you feel relaxed – enjoy cars, bikes, galleries and impressively slick F1-related products.

It’s always a pleasure, keep it perfect!

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