Tendencies for betting on the F1 championship

2017 British Grand Prix, Friday – Steve Etherington

The 2017 Formula 1 season is well underway and worldwide fans are gearing up to watch the success of many professional racers. The dominance Mercedes had over the past half a decade is under severe threat from other race car brands which is pushing Mercedes all the way to the finish line. Ferrari and the emergence of new talent like Valterri Bottas and Max Verstappen are being placed behind the wheel. This has not helped Formula 1 bettors who knew banked on Mercedes being at the top. With new faces and new teams assembled, Formula 1 betting is now much more intriguing and unpredictable.

Odds on favourites for 2017

As has already been alluded to, the 2017 Formula 1 championship has more than one racer considered as favourites. Both the old and new are set out to be tough competition. Further to this, bookmakers like UniBet casino, are tipping the championship to be a tight and close race between Mercedes and Ferrari. Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton has already bagged some impressive victories in the campaign thus far which includes the Monte Carlo race. Due to his impressive performances, he stands as the bookies favourite with UniBet casino giving him an approximate chance of +115 of winning the championship. Ferrari’s Sebastien Vettel, who, slowed down a bit after an explosive start with commanding wins in Australia, is not too far distant with +125 even odds. These hot favourites are followed by debutant rookie Valteri Bottas (Mercedes) at +800, Kimi Raikonnen (Ferrari) at +1,400 and Max Verstappen of Red Bull at +2,500. Williams’s racer, Felipe Massa follows in at +50,000 Fernando Alonso (McLaren), Niko Hulkenburg (Renault) and Sergio Perez (Force India) are 8th, 9th and 10th respectively.

How racers are ranked

You may be wondering how organisers are able to compile and record racer’s statistics, but it certainly isn’t rocket science. The Formula1 World Championship takes place each year and during this time, racers are able to collect points if they manage to finish in the top ten. The points accumulated vary depending on which position the driver finishes in. At the start of a season, all drivers start on a clean slate, but those have shown their prowess in previous seasons are who bookmakers intuitively feel are going to be in the top lists.

Formula 1 betting markets

Just like any other sports betting discipline, Formula 1 has a wide range of betting markets. It goes without saying that the most popular is betting on individual race winners. This simply entails choosing a selected driver who is predicted to come first in a race. Furthermore, there are other markets to take note of, where we detail the most popular ones below.

Podium finish market

The podium finishers market is popular among the more knowledgeable folks. In this market, you have to select the three racers who are going to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Podium finishers can be played in a reverse manner in which you don’t have to pick the correct order, but merely the top three racers, regardless of who finishes at a certain position.

The speed row market

The speed row bet market is a bit tricky for starters as you have to choose the driver likely to finish first in more than two races. There is no strategy in which you can choose the driver, but there are certain rules you have to consider before placing your bet. For one, do not select a driver who hasn’t won a race in the current championship or the past year and aim to pick the driver who managed to finish in the podium place in the previous three races.

Future market

Another popular Formula 1 betting market is the future market. In the future betting market, you have to predict the driver likely to win the whole championship. Future markets are offered at the start of a season.

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