100 Most Influential People in Formula 1 2019

Monaco Grand Prix 2021

1. Chase Carey | Chairman and CEO, Formula One Group


Position last year: 1
Age: 65
Bio: Formula 1 boss, in charge of the whole sport.

Succeeding Bernie Ecclestone to the top spot, Chase has previously worked in senior positions for News Corp, Direct TV and 21st Century Fox. He has an overall responsibility for the sport and acts on behalf of Liberty Media.

Carey first came to work with Fox, a News Corporation holding, in 1988. Over the course of the following decade he served as COO of Fox, Inc., and CEO of Fox Broadcasting. During this time, he helped launch both Fox Sports and Fox News. He also served as co-COO of News Corporation, along with Peter Chernin.

During the time that Carey was working for News Corp, the company purchased a 34% controlling interest in Hughes Electron-
ics, which at the time owned DirecTV, a satellite TV provider. Carey had already served on the DirecTV board of directors, and in 2003 he was appointed CEO.

At DirecTV, Carey had plans to add 1 million new subscribers a year, and had met that goal when he left the company six years later. Carey’s tenure at DirecTV was widely considered successful, and the company returned to profitability.

In 2006, News Corporation sold its controlling interest in DirecTV to Liberty Media, in exchange for News Corp shares.

In June of 2009, it was announced that Carey would be leaving DirectTV and returning to News Corp. He assumed the posts of President and COO that had been held by Chernin, as well as the post of Deputy Chairman.

In August 2011, Rupert Murdoch tipped Carey to be his successor as CEO of News Corporation. It was previously assumed that Murdoch’s son James would succeed him. In 2013, Carey was announced as the COO of 21st Century Fox, the legal successor of News Corporation and the owner of most of its film and television properties, News Corporation’s print media and Australian assets being spun off as News Corp. In 2015, Carey was re-assigned as executive co-chairman, while James Murdoch became CEO. Carey resigned this position in to become a consultant to Fox. In 2017, Carey was installed as CEO and Executive chairman of Formula One Group, after Liberty Media completed their $4.4 billion acquisition.

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