2015 F1 Social Media Awards

Best fan art

By Marti Tucci | 2015 was filled with amazing highs and some terrible lows, but it did not disappoint overall… well, I suppose that depends on who you were cheering for. Social media proved once again to be the best place to get all your down-to-earth Formula 1 info, so with no further ado I bring you F1 Social Media Awards of the year, in no particular order, with no particular agenda.


Best quote:

Arnold Schwarzenegger landed the job of post-race interviews on the podium at the Australian Grand Prix. The Terminator received a small ribbing from World Champion Lewis Hamilton and delivered one of the best responses of the year.

Hamilton: “I thought you were taller”.
Schwarzenegger: “I’m not wearing my high heels”.


Best Instagram post:

Motorsport fans love a good inspirational quote if it’s honest. Well said Mr Fernando Alonso: “Everything we decide is based on our perception. Happiness depends on us. #japan #equipoA #happylife”

Fernando Alonso's Instagram post

Fernando Alonso’s Instagram post


Best Tweet:

2015 brought back the Mexican Grand Prix, giving us a few absolutely amazing photos. Valtteri Bottas posted a remarkable shot from the podium:

Valtteri Bottas' Twitter post

Valtteri Bottas’ Twitter post


Best meme:

F1 social media had some very funny and witty memes this season. The series placing Fernando Alonso sun bathing picture was great. This one is my favourite – a kind of Formula 1 remix of the famous “Lunch atop a Skyscraper” photo:

Fernando Alonso's sun bathing meme

Fernando Alonso’s sun bathing meme


Best Champion post:

Jeff Gordon, four-time NASCAR Cup Series champ:
“Two of the greatest Champions together for one amazing pic
#3XWorldChampion #24EVER”:

Jeff Gordon post with Lewis Hamilton

Jeff Gordon’s post – three-time champion with a four-time champion


Best blog: 

WTF1.co.uk – no questions asked. Smart, funny, relevant.


Best pet pics:

Lewis Hamilton’s dogs Roscoe & Coco (@roscoelovescoco) are simply adorable, and some F1-related photos of them just raise the motorsport cuteness level to an infinite one:

Lewis Hamilton's pet photo

Lewis Hamilton’s Mexican GP pet photo

Hamilton's Easter post

Hamilton’s Easter post


Best fan art:

Daniel Koronczi’s Formula 1 drawings:

Best fan art

Best fan art – Seb’s finger!


Best YouTube Video:

Nothing breaks the Iceman, not even Formula Rossa – the world’s fastest roller coaster!


Best GIF:

An awkward moment after the United States Grand Prix:


Best social media trend

Social media assists us in so many ways nowadays, and it showed the Formula 1 world how we all felt about the death of Jules Bianchi. The outpouring of positive emotions and good vibes was heartwarming, and certainly a true honour to witness.

Marti Tucci

An avid race fan since age six, Marti Tucci is also involved with NASCAR, she is the Co-creator of Weed Games and enjoys the social waters of high-end motorsports.









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