2021 Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix highlights

large-2021 Belgian Grand Prix – Saturday
Scuderia AlphaTauri


Due to the result being declared from the grid order, Scuderia AlphaTauri Honda driver Pierre Gasly was awarded a sixth place and Japanese teammate Yuki Tsunoda took 15th.

Pierre Gasly

It’s been a long day and I’m very disappointed that we didn’t get to race. I think we all feel very sorry for the fans that have stayed with us in the rain all day, without any racing and I would like to thank them all for staying until the end. However, the conditions were very extreme, I don’t think I’ve driven in conditions worse than this before. I think that the problem was that if anyone spun in the first lap, there was absolutely no visibility and there would’ve been a big accident. We know how dangerous it can be to race here, so this was absolutely the correct decision.

Yuki Tsunoda

It was clearly not possible to race today, especially for any drivers from P7 onwards, I think the visibility was just too poor. It would’ve been far too dangerous to race in these conditions here today, particularly on such a high-speed track like Spa, so for safety, I think the FIA made the right decision today. Obviously, it’s disappointing on a personal note to not have had the opportunity to race for points today, but safety is far more important.

Franz Tost

First of all, I’m very sorry for all the fans that have come here to see an exciting race and then, because of the bad circumstances, we weren’t able to offer them anything. I really hope that they understand that today it was simply not possible to race with a Formula 1 car. The team were quite well prepared ahead of the race, and I was convinced that in the dry we could have shown very strong performance with both cars, as the set-up on the aero side was optimised for this. Pierre was starting in the sixth position and has looked strong all weekend.

Yuki was in 16th position and I think he would’ve had the opportunity to finish in the points. Heavy rain prevented the start of the race and I must say that the stewards and race control made the correct decision, as it would have been far too risky to start this race properly. After the second car, no one could see anything, so if for example, a car had spun at one of the fast corners then it would’ve resulted in a heavy crash. Safety is the priority, so Michael Masi and the stewards made the right decision today.

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