2021 Japanese Grand Prix has been cancelled

F1 Grand Prix of Hungary

Mobilityland Corporation (Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture) announces the cancellation of the 2021 Japanese Grand Prix (hereinafter “F1 Japanese Grand Prix”), which was previously scheduled to be held at Suzuka Circuit from October 8th (Fri.) to October 10th (Sun.) 2021.

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Due to the fact that it is still uncertain whether people from abroad involved in Formula 1 will be able to enter Japan by the date set for the holding of the F1 Japanese Grand Prix, we have decided that cancellation of the race is unavoidable.

Since the end of last year, we have been preparing for the holding the F1 Japanese Grand Prix together with Formula 1, making decisions in connection with the acceptance of the people involved in this race event coming to Japan from abroad, such as COVID-19 prevention measures, transportation plans, visa applications and the like. In light of the conditions under which the F1 Japanese Grand Prix would have been held this year, these preparations presented a big challenge for us, requiring a great amount of time and work. And the final decision that the event must be cancelled is, thus, all the more unfortunate.

In these unfortunate circumstances, we cannot forget to express our gratitude to all of the organizations involved for their great efforts in making these preparations possible. They include related agencies, authorities and organizations such as the Japan Sports Agency, the Mie Prefectural Government, the City of Suzuka, the National Mie Hospital, and Japan Automobile Federation, as well as the British Embassy, Tokyo, the Jurisdiction Public Health Centers, Chubu Centrair International Airport, Kansai International Airport, Mie Prefectural General Medical Center, Suzuka Chuo General Hospital, Mie University Hospital and all the cooperating companies such as hotels in the Suzuka area.

While the decision has been painful for us, we are also fully aware of how hard it is to accept for the fans as well. Therefore, we want to extend our apologies and regrets to all the fans and to all of the other stakeholders involved in this race event and ask for your kind understanding regarding this unavoidable cancellation as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

2021 Japanese grand Prix

Kaoru Tanaka, President Representative Director of Mobilityland Corporation commented:

“This was a very painful, regrettable and disappointing decision for us to have to make. We had been preparing for and looking forward to holding the F1 Japanese Grand Prix for the first time in two years. But we simply have no choice but to cancel it. We worked long and hard to prepare for the event. And one of the big motivations was a strong desire to have everyone see the return home of Yuki Tsunoda, the first Japanese F1 driver in seven years and a final majestic figure of Honda F1 racing.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of the persons involved, including Japan Sports Agency, Mie Prefecture, the City of Suzuka and all of the people of Formula 1, for their understanding and cooperation in our efforts so far. It was an extremely painful decision for us to have to cancel the F1 Japanese Grand Prix for the second consecutive year. But from this moment onward, we will start preparing for next year’s F1 Japanese Grand Prix.”

Koji Watanabe, Chief Officer for Brand and Communication Operations, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. commented:

“It is unfortunate that, for a second consecutive year, it has not been possible to hold the 2021 Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix at Suzuka. As Honda, we are particularly disappointed, because this is the final year of our Formula 1 project and we know that so many fans were looking forward to attending the event.

The 2021 season is now heading for an exciting climax and we will be giving our all, fighting hard all the way to achieve our goal of winning the championships as this Honda Formula 1 project comes to an end and we hope our fans will continue to support us. Lastly, as the title sponsor of the event, we would like to thank MOBILITYLAND and Formula 1 for working so hard right up to the very last moment, to try and stage the Grand Prix.”

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