68. Stuart Pringle

stuart pringle
Age 47
Occupation Managing Director, Silverstone Circuits
Nationality British
Position Last Year 46

As Managing Director of Silverstone Circuits Ltd, Stuart Pringle is not only responsible for the delivery of the world-class programme of motor racing events at ‘The Home of British Motor Racing’ but he is also charged with the transformation of Silverstone from solely a motor racing circuit to a far broader leisure business.

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Previous circuit management and events promotion experience includes spells as Sporting Director at Silverstone and Motorsport Events Manager at Brands Hatch.

Stuart was the Club Secretary of the British Racing Drivers’ Club for eight years. He also spent five years as the Club Secretary of the Vintage Sports-Car Club, overseeing an extensive programme of 35 historic motorsports events annually.

Stuart served for five years as an officer in the Royal Tank Regiment in the British Army and holds a degree in Real Estate Valuation.

Speaking at Autosport International, Pringle commented on the current health of the British Grand Prix:

It’s such a commitment, the British Grand Prix. The fee is eyewatering, the delivery cost keeps you awake at night, and the fixed cost base is extraordinarily high.

It’s a given you’re going to sell out Sunday. We got to sell out Saturday a few years ago, and now Friday is all but gone as well, and that’s where your profit is. And if you don’t make a profit – Mr Ecclestone – you cannot reinvest in infrastructure. Silverstone is creaking and groaning because the BRDC could not profit for 40 years.

Now, I’m pleased to say that the owners of F1 take a realistic view that it is not in their interests to crush the promoter, and they recognise that the BRDC invests all of its money back into the facilities.

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