82. Bobby Epstein

82. bobby_epstein
Age 63
Occupation Chairman, Circuit of the Americas
Nationality American
Position Last Year 49

Bobby Epstein is COTA Executive Chairman. He began his business career as a fixed-income analyst, studying the U.S. bond market. In 1992, Mr Epstein founded Arbour Financial Corporation, a mortgage-backed securities specialist focusing on institutional clients. He later established Prophet Capital Management, where he remains the Managing General Partner.

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In 2011, Bobby Epstein joined several other community leaders to raise global brand awareness of Austin and Central Texas by creating a premier destination for world-class sports and entertainment. Using the Formula One United States Grand Prix as the cornerstone, the Circuit of The Americas and the Austin360 Amphitheater were launched to fulfil this unique vision. Since its inception, the venue has attracted over five million visitors and reached over 600 million worldwide viewers.

Mr Epstein holds a B.A. from the Plan II Honors Program at the University of Texas.

Bobby Epstein recently commented on the future of Formula 1:

We’re a worthy comparison, and it’s something to strive for. When we came in and gave F1 a home, we redefined what the Grand Prix weekend was about, and I think we created the model that we’re seeing other circuits lean into today.

We’ve won several awards for our sustainability efforts here. We’ve increased our bus shuttle system to eliminate a lot of vehicular traffic and reduce our carbon footprint. We have a massive recycling programme on-site. We have refillable water stations. We purchased a significant amount of free renewable energy for our power needs.

We believe that the current growth is going to be sustained. And it can grow more. The more we expose people to it, and the more they have good experiences, the better the future is.

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