1. Jonny Dodge

Jonny Dodge
Age 40
Occupation CEO, GP Management
Nationality British
Position Last Year New

Jonny Dodge is a British serial entrepreneur in luxury and experiences, famed for his unique adventures and experiences worldwide. Jonny cut his teeth in the entertainment world by owning clubs and partying with celebrities on the Gumball Rally before being given his big break in Formula 1 by Bernie Ecclestone.

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Jonny is now the founder of My Ocean Company, a Yacht Charter Sales & Management company, and CEO of GPM Experiences, an F1 Hospitality & Corporate Travelca Incentives company. GPM Experiences manages a portfolio of owned and operated experiences and events, including hospitality & event rights across Formula One, Adventure Travel, Celebrity Experiences, Space Tourism, Yachts & Jet experiences and adventures. The companies brands have included: The Grand Prix Ball – F1 Rocks, The Afterparty – Race Week Festival – Concours d’Elegance luxury show – Dodgeball Supercar Rally – Torch Beach Club – Race Forum Conference – Aura Mayfair members club.

After graduating with his Master’s from St Martin’s College, Jonny’s career has seen him involved in a wide range of events, from airlifting 100 supercars and negotiating with governments while organising the Gumball Rally to the first ever tourist trip to the centre of Antarctica, to the more mundane concerts and film premieres.

Other previous investments have included the prestigious Nightclub brand Aura, renowned for its celebrity clientele owned in part by airline mogul Tony Fernandes, and the regular haunt of Madonna, who was rumoured to have tried to buy the club. An adventurer and entrepreneur, Jonny has trekked everywhere from Antarctica to the Amazon Jungle and survived on a desert island, to name just a few, as well as the world’s seven wonders.

Dubbed by Forbes magazine as ‘The superyacht influencer’, Jonny is famed for his billionaire black book, from the likes of Elon Musk to Richard Branson; with Jonny’s next venture, Space Experiences being space tourism, he’s currently astronaut training, so the skies the limit.

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