From Monaco to the world: Introducing 209 Mare

209 Mare is an original Monegasque brand built around a truly unique DNA: transforming beachwear to an ensemble that is wearable outside the premises of the beach. To learn more about this innovative label, we sat down with founders, brothers Federico Uribe and Gabriel Uribe.

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Where did the 209 Mare idea come from?

The concept started from a realisation that there was a niche in the market: we discovered that men had little in the way of choice when it came to good-looking beachwear. Women happen to have kaftans, sundresses, cover-ups of all sorts, and so forth. So men tend to look quite underdressed next to them, especially at a place like a beach club, or other venues that combine getting into the water along with high-end dining (like an afternoon on a sailboat, for example). Therefore, we started looking into the concept of the hotel bathrobe and re-tailored it to fit more like a traditional blazer, whilst keeping the functionality of the Terry towel, ultimately creating a garment that is both functional and fashionable. We believe that if it’s not both beautiful and comfortable, it’s not successful!

How is the creative process like? What inspires you?

We are inspired by the French Riviera era in the 1970s. For the 2021 designs, we decided to take a road trip through the historic landmarks of the French Riviera to get inspired by the geometric patterns, architectural structures, and colours. We then take these ideas into our workshop and begin applying them to a series of existing and new products. We work closely with our suppliers to develop every detail and trim to be authentic to our vision. Once we have sketched the garment, created the technical drawing, and selected the materials, trims, and colours, we send them to one of the ateliers we work with in order to create the samples.

We’re inspired by the French Riviera era in the 1970s.

How important is the material you use?

Our core material and one of our brand identifiers is the Terry towel. It’s at the centre of our “universe”, so to say. This material is also incredibly special as it is a towel fabric made from bamboo, which is an environmentally friendly/sustainable material. Bamboo grows very rapidly in most warm environments, requires no pesticides, and only a third of the water when compared to cotton plants; it also helps that this very towel is naturally antibacterial. Most importantly, however, is the feel of the material itself. It is a cashmere-like touch that our customers love, and it has this sort of free-flowing structure that tailors and falls elegantly.

Who is your target audience?

Mostly men and some women who fantasise about a classic 1970s convertible Jaguar/Porsche on the Cote d’Azur open roads, an old Riva wooden yacht, and the charm of elegance through simplicity. Our target customer tends to be a cultured individual who appreciates real beauty and feels that his life is impoverished without it. In other words, an international man of mystery like the 007 in the Sean Connery era. In today’s world, Jude Law.

Where can we purchase 209 Mare?

Online. We can provide the best service and the largest selection of products as we control the entire experience and we can ship worldwide in 48 hours as well as offer our concierge service for style tips and bespoke projects. Otherwise, they are available in about 20 retailers from Dubai, over Europe to the Caribbean, and the US. In Miami, we are at the eclectic Delano Hotel, in Naples at the Ritz Carlton as well as many others. Please revert to to check our constantly updated retailers list.

Blazers: 209 Mare

Shirts: Premiere Manche
Trousers: Smalto
Shoes: Ambitious from Apiccaps
Concept: Victor Concepto

Photographer: Madhu Sundar assisted by Sophie Remise  
Hair & Makeup: Ophelie Chambers and Rosa Conforti
Models: Bruno Tyzio & Faiz from Men of Mademoiselle Agency
Location: Kube Hôtel Paris

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