24. Gerard Lopez

Age 43
Occupation Chairman and Team Principal of Lotus F1 Team
Nationality Luxembourgian
Position last year 26 

Lopez is a founding partner of The Genii Group and Chairman of the Lotus F1 Team. A legal wrangle over the Lotus name between Lopez and Tony Fernandes at the end of last season led to Fernandes rebranding his team as Caterham F1 and Lopez keeping the Lotus brand. However, Lotus F1 Team has since cut all sponsorship ties with Group Lotus, only one season into a seven-year deal. Lopez, whose Luxembourg-based investment company owns the Enstone-based former Renault team outright, said that the title sponsorship agreement that he signed with Group Lotus in late 2010 had ended, along with the option that existed for the sports car company to take an equity stake in the team. Lopez is now also the Team Principal of Lotus F1.


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