27. Claire Williams

Age 39
Occupation Deputy Team Principal at Williams F1
Nationality British
Position Last Year 58 

Growing up in the sport, it is perhaps unsurprising that Claire would eventually enter the family business.  Working in the Race Office during school holidays, Claire was a regular behind the scenes at Williams from an early age before joining the team full time in 2002 in the role of Communications Officer. She was promoted to the role of Head of Communications in 2010, and was duly responsible for all internal and external communications surrounding Williams Grand Prix Holdings PLC. In March 2013, Claire stepped up to the position of Deputy Team Principal for the Williams F1 Team. In this role Claire works alongside Founder and Team Principal Sir Frank Williams to play a pivotal role in the day-to-day running and long-term development of the race team. Both the team and Claire are doing impressively well now.


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