29. Monisha Kaltenborn

29. Monisha
Age 44
Occupation Team Principal, Sauber F1 Team
Nationality Austrian
Position Last Year 28 

With a Masters in International Business Law the likeable and pragmatic Monisha was first employed by Sauber in the late 90’s to take charge of the team’s corporate and legal affairs and became a member of the management board in 2001. When the team became independent in 2010 following the withdrawal of BMW, she was appointed CEO of Sauber Motorsport AG and in 2012 Peter Sauber confirmed that he would be stepping down during 2012 season and that Monisha will be taking his place. And so she did.

A consummate professional, Monisha always gives her interesting insights publically and is a significant addition to the Formula 1 portrait, holding a 33.3% stake in her team’s outfit.


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