33. Michael Diekmann

33. Michael Diekmann
Age 60
Occupation CEO, Allianz SE
Nationality German
Position Last Year 37 

CEO of, arguably, Formula 1’s most important global partner, Allianz SE, Michael Diekmann has been in the role since 2003. An essentially ruthless business leader, Diekmann reversed the fortunes of the failing, Munich based Allianz, eliminating over 15,000 staff and returning the company to profit. His management technique has been favourably described as “unbending, uncompromising bloodymindedness”. Whilst not instigating Allianz’s foray into Formula 1, he was behind the deal that saw the company become an Official Global Partner with the insurer activating its sponsorship through strategically planned road safety campaigns; a stunningly acute sponsorship synergy.


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