5 best racing games you should know about

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Virtual racing games gained huge popularity a few years ago. Video game developers have presented a lot of new products to fans of racing cars, and streamers and bloggers have begun to actively develop this topic on the web and conduct live broadcasts of the gameplay.

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You may not have known about it, but even real racers have created their own YouTube channel page on Twitch to show how they hone their skills in virtual racing. The pandemic in 2019 became the key reason for the lack of real races, and therefore even the media began to write about Esports. In order not to miss the opportunity to earn money and receive financial support during the absence of events, the racers used the opportunity to make themselves known online. 

They needed some knowledge about how to attract an audience. For example, many of them buy YouTube subscribers at the initial stage so that the videos would be shown to more users. Thus, they created a name for themselves in the media sphere and began to monetize videos. It’s amazing how quickly attitudes towards virtual sports can change in just a few years. Now everyone loves to play, and that’s why we have created an article in which we will tell you about the best racing games. Let’s get started!

Gran Turismo Sport (2017) 

At the top of our list is the most legendary car simulator, which is known to players around the world. Gran Turismo is exclusively presented for owners of the PlayStation console, and users of personal computers have no opportunity to evaluate its capabilities. However, this does not negate the fact that most fans of racing games believe it is the best car simulator in history.

The first series of the game was released in 2000, but thanks to its warm attitude to virtual racers and attention to detail, it remains at the peak of popularity. The gameplay car simulator is thought out to the smallest detail, initially the player is taught how to brake, press the gas and use gears. In a word, the developers have done everything so that users can enjoy virtual races. You will be surprised, but the FIA itself cooperates with Gran Turismo. Critics and fans have repeatedly noted that the game has incredible realism and is very good as a substitute for real racing.

FI 2020 (2020) 

No top car simulators can do without this racing development from Codemasters. This game has captured the hearts of many users around the world. At the same time, this is one of the few racing games you can play in arcade mode with friends or compete with real Esports players. As part of this game, competitions were held in 2020, which were followed by people from all over the world. 

Those streamers who made sure in advance that their account was ready for the influx of new viewers, that is, they buy real YouTube subscribers and created an attractive channel design, had the opportunity to become popular by broadcasting competitions to the network. The created base of followers gave them a head start, and they were able to stand out from the crowd and get more views than the rest. Every year developers create more and more realistic gameplay and improve the control system of the car. 

However, there are also disadvantages: it is more difficult to calibrate the control system, and sometimes you can observe bugs and imperfect graphics. But despite this, the game still remains one of the most popular and in demand.

iRacing (2008) 

More than 14 years have passed since the release date of the game, but many users still say that it is the most professional simulator to date. Many different competitions, including NASCAR, were held on the platform of the game. Every year, developers improve the graphics and mechanical engine, and this distinguishes it from many other games. 

The simulator offers players to test themselves in real-life conditions: a dynamic change in the route will complicate the process, and damage and problems with the suspension will be felt especially vividly, so it’s better not to go here without a steering wheel and pedal. The game is focused on professional players, so to break into the lead, you will have to sweat. This simulator is not for those who want fun and entertainment, go to iRacing only if you want to test yourself as an Esports player.

NASCAR: HEAT 5 (2020)

Do you want to become a real professional and conquer the tracks? Then this game is especially for you. It is also designed for Esports and stands in the same place as iRacing in terms of difficulty. Racing on oval tracks is the main difference between the simulator and others. The trick of such races is that you are driving at high speed (more than 300 km per hour) next to the bumpers. They are very difficult to implement virtually, but the creators of NASCAR succeeded.

Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed (2011)

Our top closes one of the main racing games for those who want to have fun and do not pretend to be an Esports player. Need For Speed is primarily the main arcade series with an emphasis on street racing and fun. You are waiting for exciting entertainment, such as a chase from the police, night races and an indescribable atmosphere. In this series of games, you will not find much realism and detail. 

However, Shift has destroyed the usual ideas about NFS. It is difficult to call this series a full-fledged simulator, but you will definitely feel the pleasant physics and weight of the car. The shift is the only series that focuses not on entertainment, but on race simulation.

In a word, if you want to try yourself as a racer, but do not plan to become an Esports player, this arcade game is definitely worth your attention.

That’s it! Now you know which games deserve your attention and can become good companions for an exciting pastime. You can choose which is more relevant for you: fun and entertainment, Esports or detail, straight tracks or realistic controls. Try yourself as a professional racer or be a violator of all the rules. We wish you pleasant games!

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