5 popular myths about motorcycles


Motorcycles can enter your life rapidly as a bright and short-lived hobby or stay in your heart forever, changing it fundamentally. But in any case, the most exciting start with buying your first motorcycle in this article, essay writer from essay service where you can order essays with paperhelp discount codes that you will have to debunk five popular myths about motorcycles.

1. Motorcycling is dangerous.

Newcomers hear this from the world of moto and venerable bikers, wise to life and the asphalt. It is difficult to argue because the fact remains – riding a motorcycle belongs to an extreme pleasure and is associated with a particular health risk. It is worth separating the danger “in general” from the real trouble that can happen to you while driving a motorcycle.

Knowing and obeying the rules of the road, wearing motorcycle gear, and having driving experience can help you minimize the risks of riding a bike. Good equipment can protect you from serious injury even if you fall at 60-70 km/h.

2. A motorcycle is temporary and not severe.

If all begins as a hobby, eyes are burning, and heart beats unevenly at the engine’s sound, what seriousness can we talk about? Often, hobbies grow into a life position, and here you have gradually set up your future vacation for the grand bike festivals at the end of the summer. Deciding to stay in the moto theme for a long time, even in the winter cold, you will be ready to break away at the spectacular bike races, not mainly listening to the grumbling relatives and excused friends.

Gradually, motorcycles will take a prominent place in your life, becoming an essential part of it. And if we return to the topic of seriousness, many famous politicians and actors do not hide their longstanding passion for motorcycles.

3. Is an outfit a panacea?

This dangerous misconception has become a source of injuries and accidents for many beginners. Yes, to go out without equipment is complete recklessness, even for the experienced biker. But the protection of a motorcyclist should not interfere with the management of the “iron horse .”Bulky moto boots, gloves with all sorts of protective inserts, and helmet integrity will protect you from much damage. Still, they will be an obstacle for quick manoeuvring in the city traffic without experience.

During the training ride in the driving school, it usually becomes clear what part of the equipment, when driving, causes the most inconvenience and what can be lightened in it. However, a back protector or “turtle” and a helmet should be on you on every motorcycle ride.

4. A motorcycle is expensive.

One is glad about the successful purchase of a long-awaited “kopeck,” and the other decides to get a brand-new “Jaguar. Everyone has his notion of expensiveness, and there is no average price for motorcycles. If you are eager to buy your bike but for the novelty of the salon, you frankly need more savings, then look into specialized forums.

Once the author of this article was lucky enough to become the owner of a legendary motorcycle Pannonia for only a hundred dollars. If your heart loves the “Japanese” or “Americans,” this motorcycle in decent condition will cost you 3-6 times cheaper than its new counterpart. Here everything is the same with cars – if you want you can find a suitable bike for any amount.

5. It’s better to stay away from bikers.

Hollywood stereotypes are very tenacious, and in the early days of the Russian bike movement, in the late ’80s, “rockers”-motorcyclists often bravado, scaring good citizens and grandmas. However, one thing should be considered: bikers are just as dangerous as anyone else. If you ride your first motorcycle to a place where bikers gather, you will likely be welcomed into their motorcycle community.

A potential conflict may arise only if you publicly criticize some motorcycle club or ridicule someone’s motorcycle. But otherwise, bikers need to be more passionate about their bikes to waste their energy on empty conflicts with others.

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