5 Reasons to Attend the Chinese Grand Prix

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Formula 1’s return to China brings anticipation for a thrilling race. The last time F1 shined Shanghai’s tracks was in 2019, marking the 1000th stage in the championship’s history. However, subsequent Grand Prix events in Shanghai were cancelled due to the pandemic. In 2021, Formula 1 extended its agreement with Shanghai authorities to host the Chinese Grand Prix until 2025. Despite its recent absence from the World Championship calendar, the event will return this year! Are you longing to see the sights of Shanghai? Let’s delve into five reasons why attending the Chinese Grand Prix is an experience not to be missed. Formula 1 live results during the Chinese Grand Prix provide fans with real-time updates on race positions, lap times, pit stops, and any incidents occurring on the track.

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Formula 1 has been held at the Shanghai International Circuit since 2004. Hermann Tilke designed the track. The configuration of the route he built resembles the initial character “Shang” in the Chinese name of the city of Shanghai. The lap length is 5,451 kilometres, and the track has 16 turns, a total of 56 laps. The inaugural Grand Prix saw Rubens Barrichello of the Ferrari team clinching victory. Over its twenty-year history, the Chinese Grand Prix has witnessed countless thrilling triumphs and heart-wrenching defeats. This beloved track has garnered admiration from drivers worldwide and draws fans from every corner of the globe. Here are five compelling reasons why attending the Chinese Grand Prix this time around is a must:

1) “Debut” of Zhou Guanyu. Zhou Guanyu is the first Formula 1 driver in China’s history. Although he has competed in the championship for several seasons, he has never performed at a home Grand Prix. Zhou was born and raised in Shanghai and taken to the first ever Chinese Grand Prix in 2004. When he was only five years old, he was conquered by racing and became a fan of Fernando Alonso, who was then on the rise of his career. Zhou’s arrival in Shanghai is set to make huge waves with a movie-style documentary on his career, The First One, released on April 19, two days before the race.

When I was a kid, I had binoculars and could zoom into the garage. It was fascinating to see what was happening behind the scenes, and I was dreaming of being an F1 driver one day.

Zhou Guanyu
Driver, Stake F1 Team

2) Young drivers. The fact that many of the young racers have never competed on the track in Shanghai may increase interest in the Grand Prix. Therefore, the “debut” will occur not only for Guanyu Zhou but also for Oscar Piastri, Yuki Tsunoda and Logan Sargeant. Given the nature of the track, it will be exciting to see how the drivers will be able to adapt to it in a relatively short period. After all, the track demands both the style of driving, the strategy of the teams, and the settings. A good balance of the car is considered a competitive advantage on this track.

3) New regulations. With new regulations, Formula 1 will arrive in China for the first time since 2019. As mentioned above, the track has its own character. The Shanghai International Circuit’s unique layout, featuring a blend of high-speed straights and challenging corners, poses a thrilling test for teams and drivers alike. Separately, we can note the 13th turn and the entire configuration as a whole, when viewed from above, as well as the hieroglyph component and the first turn of the route. It is incredibly protracted, and as it progresses, the driver needs to work carefully with the steering wheel, tyres and pedals. The load on the tyres is very high here; the car stays on the trajectory due to mechanical traction. Previously, the track style here suited Mercedes very well; they won 6 times in China, and then Ferrari won 4 times. Red Bull had only two wins, but in 2019, Pierre Gasly, still a Red Bull driver at that time, set the best lap time. How suitable is the track for the team this time? Whose team’s car will be best adapted to the track?

chinese grand prix4) Championship Dynamics: The stakes are high, with Max Verstappen’s recent victory in Japan propelling Red Bull Racing ahead in the Constructors’ Championship. Ferrari is in second place; the gap from RB is 21 points. McLaren is in third place. But Mercedes and Aston Martin are next to each other – they have a gap of 1 point. In the driver standings, things are more attractive since the gaps between points still need to be more significant. The Ferrari racers are not far from the Red Bull drivers in the table; George Russell and Fernando Alonso scored the same number of points – 24. Yuki Tsunoda has 7 points, and he takes 11th place. What will the balance of power be after the Chinese Grand Prix, given that the track will also host the first sprint race this season?

5) Cultural Experience: China is a country with a unique history. The civilization in China was born about five thousand years ago and is considered one of the oldest. The history of China is unbroken and continues to this day. Modern China is the heir to a great civilization. Shanghai, the host city of the Chinese Grand Prix, is one of the largest cities in China, where almost 30 million people live. It is here that the world’s largest seaport, the oldest trolleybus system on the planet, the largest transoceanic bridge connecting Shanghai with the city of Ningbo and much more are located. Immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant culture of Shanghai. Explore the bustling streets, savour local cuisine, and soak in the electric atmosphere of this iconic city. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the unique blend of tradition and modernity that Shanghai offers.

See you in China!

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