5 reasons to powder coat your race car

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Race cars go through a lot before they reach the race track. From pre-race checks to final preparations and repairs in between, it’s incredible how they can withstand extreme conditions. True, race cars can show some signs of wear and tear, but a quick paint job can take care of all these. 

Or, can it?

Compared to paint that can be easily stripped off after contact with certain fluids, powder coating serves as a far superior protective coating. You can powder coat almost every metal part of your race car, from the frame, chassis, wheels, and suspension rings, to trim pieces and even interior bits. 

Wondering how it works and why you should consider it for your race car?  Below is a brief overview of the powder coating process and the reasons why experts find it a favourable alternative to paint. 

The Powder Coating Process

How does it work?  In simplest terms, powder coating uses a spray gun to mist a metal surface. The metal is then baked in an oven, where the powder melts and forms a coloured protective layer. Once it cools, the metal is coated with either a gloss or clear coat, then baked and cured once again. This results in a vibrant and durable finish that can rival any paint job.

This straightforward process is more than coating any bare metal, as powder coating services also come with advantages. If you’re wondering if a powder coat is the best way to protect and decorate your race car, then continue reading this article. 

Why Powder Coat Your Race Car?

There are several reasons racing car assembly experts choose powder coating. Here are some worth mentioning:

1. Race Car Protection

The ultimate goal of powder coating is to shield metal surfaces from the elements. Race cars are no stranger to such, often leading to issues such as chipping, cracking, and rust. Powder coating serves to protect your race car’s metal components, especially those subjected to intense conditions. 

The chemical-resistant coating ensures your chassis won’t have bare spots even if you spill brake fluid on it. When it comes to wheels, powder coating protects them from sand, stone, mud, and even corrosion. Its colourful hues can even conceal your suspension components and make them an edge against your rivals. 

2. Longevity 

The repetitive process of baking and curing ensures that powder coating can withstand extreme weather conditions. While paint may fade, crack, and peel as the season wears on, powder coating ensures that your race car will look as good as new. Powder coating doesn’t require constant touchups compared to any high-quality paint job, making it a favourable alternative for many.

3. Ensures Uniformity

Creating a seamless look is another reason to powder coat your race car. The technology not only works on prominent areas, such as your frame or wheels, but it also covers hard-to-reach areas, such as your chassis or suspension. 

4. Enhances Visual Appeal 

Apart from being a protective layer, powder coating also serves a decorative purpose. The wide array of pigments and resins allows you to customize your race car to make it more attractive. Whether you choose a glossy finish or a clear coat, your sponsors and fans will surely enjoy seeing a sleek race car on its way to victory. 

5. Eco-Friendly Finish 

Powder coating also serves as a greener alternative. Compared to paint that’s flammable and toxic, powder coating particles don’t pose hazards to workers, race car drivers, or the environment. It doesn’t contain harmful compounds, whether in powder or liquid form.

In addition, powder coating is also cost-effective. It dries quickly and doesn’t create a mess of drips and spills. You can even reclaim and reuse the powder by simply placing it back in the spray gun.  

Powder coating metal parts in an industrial factory

Final Thoughts

All in all, powder coating is a straightforward process of protecting the metal components of your race car. While it requires a professional to do the job, the results of repetitive coating, baking, and curing lead to satisfactory results. You get a smooth finish that works well on your car’s frame and also other essential parts. Powder coating can rival any paint job because it’s cost-effective and environment-friendly. 

Apart from serving as a protective layer from rust, heat, and corrosive fluids, powder coating also enhances the overall look of your race car. It ensures your car sports uniform hues from its frame, wheels, suspension and etc. Powder coating creates a durable coat that won’t only see your race car until the end of the racing season, but it’ll likewise captivate motorsport fans and racing sponsors with its sleek and colourful finish.

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