52. Christoph Ammann

Age 53
Occupation Owner at CAM Holding GmbH, Grand Prix Tickets GmbH, CAM Security GmbH, Ring Promotion GmbH, CAM Travel GmbH
Nationality Austrian
Position Last Year 57 

Having grown up less than half a kilometre away from the Österreichring, it would be fair to say that racing is in Ammann’s blood. His security company, CAM Security GmbH, brought him to the attention of Bernie Ecclestone at just nineteen years of age and has grown into an international force, managing the security of teams, events and even Bernie Ecclestone himself. Christoph Ammann went on to establish Grand Prix Tickets GesmbH, becoming the world-leading ticketing agency for Formula 1 tickets. Its clients include the teams and their sponsors, whilst also providing the sales function for Allsport Management’s Paddock Club.

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