63. Eugene Arocca

63. Eugene Accora
Age 54
Occupation CEO of Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS)
Nationality Australian
Position Last Year 71 

In a coup for CAMS, the governing body for controlling motor sport in Australia, Arocca has replaced outgoing chief executive David Morgan in the role. Eugene Arocca, who was a key administrator with the Kangaroos as chief executive and with Collingwood as chief operating officer after 23 years as a senior partner with Maurice Blackburn, started in the new role today. It is understood Arocca was specifically targeted for the role after working in AFL football since 2005. In his four years as North Melbourne’s chief executive, Arocca played a key role in boosting the club’s brand and strengthening its position with the AFL.


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  1. Angelina Lerase

    There are numerous more influential people in the industry than the CEO of CAMS. Is not the president of CAMS more influential than the employed CEO? Perhaps the writers were confused on who runs/promotes the Australian Grand Prix and the position of those at CAMS as a Regional Training Provider.

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