65. Al Tareq Al Ameri

Pinnacle: al-tareq-al-ameri-ceo-admm
Age 35
Occupation CEO of Yas Marina Circuit
Nationality UAE
Position Last Year 74 

Al Ameri was part of the team who have, in the last five years, developed Yas Marina Circuit into not only one of the world’s most iconic motorsport venues, but also a dynamic community hub for thousands of residents of Abu Dhabi, as well as a venue for significant global gatherings. Yas Marina Circuit Chairman, Khaldoon Al Mubarak, said: “With the success of the past five years as a catalyst, I look forward to Al Tareq leading the further growth of this business, which encompasses both meaningful social engagement and sustainable commercial outcomes.” Well, this circuit got first place in our annual Paddock magazine’s Circuit Promoters special report!


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