8. Steve Koltes

stev koltes
Age 57
Occupation Managing Partner and Co-founder of CVC Capital Partners
Nationality American
Position last year 10 

Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of CVC Capital Partners, joined CVC in 1988. CVC Capital Partners is one of the world’s leading private equity and investment advisory firms. Founded in 1981, the CVC Group today employs some 270 people throughout Europe, Asia and the US. The CVC team’s local knowledge and extensive contacts underpin a proven track record of over 30 years of investment success. In May 2006, CVC Funds acquired both Allsopp Parker & Marsh (APM), which markets and sells Formula One advertising and sponsorship packages, and Allsport Management, the leading provider of VIP hospitality at Formula One events. In 2007, CVC took control of GP2, a complimentary race series, bringing together all the revenues connected with the FIA Formula One World Championship.

Steve Koltes is based in Switzerland and he is on the board of the Firm’s holding company and the board of the CVC Group. He is the Deputy Chairman of the Europe/North America and Asia Pacific Private Equity Boards and is a member of the Europe/North America and Asia Pacific Investment Committees. He chairs the Human Resources Committee and oversees CVC’s fundraising and investor relations teams. Prior to joining CVC, Steve worked for Citicorp from 1980 to 1987 in corporate finance and corporate banking in New York, London and Zurich. Steve holds a BA Degree from Middlebury College.

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