9 best Instagram and YouTube channels for motorsport enthusiasts


If you are a ‘petrolhead’, motorsports must definitely be of great interest to you. Now, many motorsport enthusiasts want to explore beyond the live races. In such a situation, the best option is to follow the YouTube and Instagram channels. These channels offer a lot of additional content to keep you hooked. 

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The various motorsport channels on YouTube can provide you with information about various motorsport events. Additionally, Instagram motorsport channels are super fun as they share fun and exciting reels, humorous memes, relatable content for motorsport enthusiasts, and many more. 

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Best YouTube Channels for Motorsport Enthusiasts

YouTube has a plethora of content for everyone, including motorsport enthusiasts. Several channels discuss various races, show the behind-the-scenes, and conduct live sessions with their subscribers to talk about everything motorsports-related. 

Below is a list of some of the best Motorsports channels on YouTube that you should follow.

1. BTCC 

Have you ever been curious about aspects of motorsports other than the race? Well then, you should subscribe to the BTCC channel on YouTube. 

BTCC is the official YouTube channel of Britain’s popular Tin Top series. This channel offers everything – from splendid highlights of each race to previews and interviews of famous racers. 

So, if you’re an avid follower of the Tin Top series, don’t forget to check out BTCC on YouTube.

2. FIA World Rallycross Championship

Are you interested in watching one of the biggest Rallycross championships – the FIA World Rallycross Championship? Check out the official FIA World Rallycross Championship channel on YouTube. 

The FIA channel posts everything – race recordings, highlights, previews, interviews, legendary moments, and many more. So, you’re in for a treat if you avidly follow the FIA World Championship. 

3. Formula 1 

Formula 1 is one of the most popular international racing competitions. There is hardly any petrolhead that doesn’t stream Formula 1 races. So, if you’re already following the races, why not follow the official Formula 1 YouTube channel?

The Formula 1 channel on YouTube features race previews and also conducts interviews with some of the most prominent players. You can also watch race highlights from various races without having to search through channels or pay for subscriptions. 

However, if you still wish to watch full races without paying any subscription fee, you can try streaming with free sports sites. There are plenty out there that would let you watch races for free. Till then, subscribe to Formula 1 channel for exclusive content. 

4. Goodwood Road & Racing

With over 600K subscribers on YouTube, Goodwood Road & Racing channel is a must-follow for those who are into old and classic car racing. 

This channel features some of the best content related to motorsports. You’ll be able to find panel discussions, event recordings, workshop videos, and even car reviews. 

5. MotoGP

Just like the Formula 1 channel, the MotoGP channel is also extremely popular. It has over 5 million subscribers from all over the world. Well, how could it not if the channel uploads some of the most thrilling and daring videos for all motorsport lovers? 

Unlike the F1 channel, which deals with cars, MotoGP deals with motorcycles. Therefore, this channel is for all motorcycle lovers!

Apart from racing videos, this channel also boasts exciting content such as top moments from best races, interviews of best racers, last laps, and many more. In my opinion, it is the best channel out there for bikers and biking lovers.

6. Porsche

You cannot not know about Porsche if you’re into motorsports. It is one of the most popular brands that have its own racing cars. Along with racing cars, it has a dedicated channel on YouTube.

The Porsche channel has over 1 million subscribers. If you’re a Porsche lover, you will love this channel as it deals exclusively with Porsche and sports-related content. You can watch various test drives of thrilling Porsche cars. It has its own series too, that deals with motorsports!

Best Instagram Pages for Motorsport Lovers

Now that I have talked about the best YouTube channels for motorsports enthusiasts, let’s talk about some Instagram pages too. These pages offer everything from little clips to reels to even fun memes that you can share with your motorsports-loving fans. 

1. Motorsportcom

With over 500K followers and a verified Instagram account, Motorsportcom is worth following for all motorsports lovers. 

This Instagram account posts a lot of relatable content, including updates, news, and results of various motorsports competitions such as F1, MotoGP, and NASCAR too. You can check out driver standings on this page too. 

2. Formula1.home

If you’re a fan of Formula 1, you should definitely follow Formula1.home on Instagram. This page has more than 400K followers and posts exciting content related to F1 racing. 

You can rewatch some of the best moments from F1 racing right on the Formula1.home page. 

3. Wseriesracing

Are you tired of male-centric motorsports content? You should check out the Wseriesracing page. This page is mainly for women racing competitions. You can keep yourself updated with the latest news. 

Moreover, if you’re into purchasing merchandise, they also sell T-shirts, hoodies, and other such goodies. 

Final Thoughts

The motorsports industry is huge, with new things, winnings, and defeats happening every few days. So, if you wish to stay updated, you can follow the above-listed channels on YouTube and pages on Instagram. This way, you won’t ever find yourself under a rock!

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