A light show at the Maranello factory dedicated to Ferrari’s people

“A journey through light show, sounds and images that reflects the essence of who we are, celebrates our successes and looks forward towards an even brighter future.” With these words, Ferrari Chairman John Elkann announced the light show held for the first time yesterday evening at the Maranello factory.

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Some of the most iconic buildings on the Ferrari campus provide the backdrop to light projections that express the unique nature of a company composed of over 5,000 people. The show occupies a scenic space of more than one kilometre along Viale Enzo Ferrari. It is animated with three-dimensional images and light architectures created by over 400 elements using the latest low-energy technologies, including projectors, LED bars and laser effects.

Projected onto the brick arch framing Ferrari’s historic entranceway are videos of some cars passing through it over the years. They include the 125 S, which debuted here in 1947, marking the start of an incredible series of models, and the two 499P Hypercars that marked the Prancing Horse’s triumphant return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans this June.

Continuing along the avenue lit up in red, the former paint shop tower is transformed into a large screen illuminated with the values that the Prancing Horse has always embodied: Individual and Team, Tradition and Innovation, Passion and Achievement.

Other elements commemorate the year’s highlights, showing workers’ faces from each part of the Company’s identity: Racing, Sports Cars and Lifestyle. Ferrari’s people are at the heart of various initiatives announced over recent months, including the broad-based share ownership scheme, which will make each employee a shareholder.

The Wind Tunnel, designed by Renzo Piano, was chosen to symbolise the technological innovation that permeates every area of company life. The aerodynamic flows created inside the tunnel are reproduced on its surface by coloured beams, creatively reinterpreting the work inside one of the most restricted buildings on the campus.

The journey then moves seamlessly towards the next chapter in Ferrari’s history: the e-building. Due to be inaugurated in June next year, it is illuminated at the centre of a new 100,000 square metre area under construction.

“Tradition and innovation have always been key values for us at Ferrari, as we audaciously continue to build on our proud tradition in unexpected ways. This special light show is dedicated to the men and women of Ferrari who make the extraordinary possible, and our worldwide Ferrari family who make our Company unique,” commented John Elkann.

The light show will be repeated over the coming days, allowing all Ferrari workers to admire it alongside their guests.

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