Safety of a car with the feel of a bike?

This year a young Lithuanian designer Lukas Avėnas introduced his visual take on a three-wheeled two-seater AKO car bike, which instantly received some attention from motorsport professionals. Paddock magazine is all ears about this innovation that combines elements that at first seem fairly incompatible and does it in style.

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Engineered and created by motorbike enthusiast Artūras Mikalauskas, AKO car bike aims to bond the security of a car with the undeniable fun of driving a motorcycle. The market already has products that were designed to become the ultimate bike-car mix which should have been fast, aesthetic and truly enjoyable, yet no one has come this close to having these principles as nicely implemented as the team behind AKO.

The designer Lukas Avėnas was mentored by his professor Šarūnas Šlektavičius while working on the visual concept at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Lukas says he would gladly be driving a motorcycle all year long. However, climate conditions often stand in his way. Also, there is the factor of risk that a person always has to consider when riding a motorbike, especially an individual who, simply put, has things to lose.

It has enough power to make the ride intense while ensuring the risk is as low as it can get on a speedy machine like this.

AKO car bike leans to the sides and provides other characteristics that people love while handling a bike; it has enough power to make the ride intense while ensuring the risk is as low as possible on a speedy machine like this.

The team is now looking for opportunities to commercialise this project, while both technological devotees and spontaneous daredevils can‘t wait to take AKO out for a spin. Contact Artūras at for more information or to receive a brochure.

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