Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale: daring to dream


  • Produced in only 33 specimens, each customised and unique based on numerous variations of exclusive body colours, prestigious coatings and innovative materials.
  • Alfa Romeo will employ the Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera to build this limited edition, combining artisan processes, technological innovation and customer desires.
  • Customers can choose from four exclusive liveries, different carbon fibre finishes and various logos.
  • Two distinct styles for the interior: “Tributo” with leather and aluminium and “Alfa Corse” with carbon fibre and Alcantara, with different combinations of colours and finishes to exalt the car’s character.

The 33 Stradale will be produced in just 33 units, customised by selecting from numerous variations of body colours, upholstery and fabrics; there will also be a program dedicated to customers with specific requests who want to customise their car further to leave an indelible and personal signature in the history of Alfa Romeo. Therefore, no two vehicles in the world will be identical, making them masterpieces “on four wheels,” with the ambition of becoming part of Alfa Romeo’s history. Every car is designed to be unique, so each one is registered according to an exclusive procedure and with a specific VIN.

In detail, the first three letters identify the Alfa Romeo “ZAR” brand, while the following five digits were chosen in conjunction with the 33 customers and define the vehicle as “33STR”. Finally, the last eight digits can be customised by the 33 owners and act as the customer’s “signature.”

This identification code will be engraved above the central tunnel, with a plate – inspired by its 1960s counterpart – placed in the rear compartment to certify the specificity of components such as the chassis, engine(s), gearbox/battery and monocoque.

With consolidated experience in the field of the most exclusive tailor-made automobiles, Alfa Romeo will be employing the Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, one of the most famous companies in the world that has already left its mark on some of the most beautiful Alfa Romeos of all time. Therefore, the Biscione brand’s new “fuoriserie” (‘custom-built’) model represents a new way of conceiving the production of limited editions by skillfully combining artisan processes, technological innovation and customer desires, a little like what happened in the early 20th century when Alfa Romeo modelled its creations with the collaboration of famous Italian coachbuilders. The customer will then be accompanied throughout the customisation process, translating his desires and dreams into something tangible and real. Two interior styling proposals (Tributo and Alfa Corse) were developed to configure the 33 Stradale to support this journey through the car’s customisation. As a result of the flexibility of craftsmanship, personal requests are also possible, for example, the use of a specific coating or body colour, which will be fulfilled subject to the approval of the 33 Committee.

Initially, customers can choose from three exclusive body colours that recall the history of the 33 Stradale: The classic pastel Rosso Alfa, a reinterpretation of royal blue, and the more sophisticated tinted clearcoat Rosso known as “Villa d’Este.” The car can also be “dressed up” in a white and red livery as a tribute to the legendary Tipo 33 racing car. Customers also have the option to select and customise the visible carbon fibre finishes, choosing between different configurations of air intakes, prefer the logo to be affixed to the side between Quadrifoglio and Autodelta, and opt for the classic or 3D arrangement of the front grille. The “Alfa Romeo” signature on the rear is also available in black, gold or silver. The 20-inch “Tributo” alloy wheels and the refined two-tone option appear in the same colours. Finally, the brake callipers are available in black, red or yellow, while the double tailpipe can be finished in brushed chrome or black.

Moving on to the interior, the new 33 Stradale is available in two base trim levels: Tributo and Alfa Corse. The former is marked out by leather and aluminium and pays homage to the 1967 33 Stradale on show at the Museum in Arese. The standout feature here is the interior upholstery in two-tone biscuit leather and slate, used in the seats, dashboard, door panels and central tunnel. Customers can also opt for other two-tone solutions like red/black or blue/slate. Conversely, the “Alfa Corse” trim level is the triumph of sportiness, with the combination of carbon fibre and Alcantara: the upholstery of the seats, dashboard, door panels and central tunnel combine Alcantara and leather in shades such as black, red/black or blue/black.

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