The Ares Atelier 2in1: beauty and the beast

ares atelier

The ARES Atelier has given the most powerful Rolls-Royce ever built a subtle aesthetic and technical upgrade. The overall design language has been refreshed with a clear sporty edge whilst still retaining the indisputable elegance of the Rolls-Royce Wraith. Paddock magazine opens the hood of this powerful beauty.

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ARES has undertaken a complete transformation of the interior combining the very latest technology with beautifully handcrafted artisan materials. From every angle, the aesthetics have been meticulously enhanced. Nappa leather-covered seats sit alongside precious metals, each element complementing the rest.

“With the Rolls-Royce Wraith our team set out to raise the bar even higher”, says ARES Head Designer Mihai Panaitescu. “The exterior takes the most important lines of the car and accentuates them in order to bring out its full aesthetic potential. The front revolves around the carbon fibre grille with custom air inlets split by the two aerodynamic bars. The rear has a combination of air outlets that couple with each other for an outstanding look that compliments the front and sides of the vehicle. The specially designed carbon fibre aero diffuser holds the two custom-designed integrated exhausts in place.”

Poetry in motion – The Rolls-Royce spirit of elegance oozes from this uniquely dynamic version of the Wraith, delivering the definitive driving companion with style and substance in abundance.

Technical Specifications:

–  ARES Atelier Body kit in premium quality carbon fibre:

  • Front Bumper
  • Rear Bumper
  • Rear Diffuser
  • Sideskirts
  • Front Grille

–  Side air outlets with custom-designed inserts

–  Exclusive ARES Atelier ultra-light 22 or 23-inch forged wheels

–  Engine performance upgrade to 700 HP achieved through electronic control unit modification

–  Full interior modification and materials upgrade:

  • Custom made sports steering wheel incorporating precious material inserts
  • Handcrafted artisan interior panels made from the finest materials
  • Custom made Nappa leather interior and upholstery with inserts

–  Titanium sports exhaust system: titanium exhaust muffler and tailpipe

–  Fully EU homologated and a 12-month warranty on all ARES modifications

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