Azimut Grande 95RPH by AZIMUT


The first brand new Azimut Grande 95RPH is coming out in spring 2014. Among the new features introduced by concept and exterior designer Stefano Righini is the raised wheelhouse. This solution allows more space for the boat-owner and guests and maximises privacy from the crew.

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Style, charisma, and personality. Italian style and artistry have always produced world-renowned masterpieces and Azimut Grande is the modern embodiment of this excellence: it is love at first sight.
History, soul, and personality merge with elegance, technology, and design. Made in Italy quality at the service of the boatowner’s unique personality.

Despite being a vessel with an overall length of nearly 29 metres, the Grande 95RPH falls within the 24-metre cut-off and therefore can be registered as a pleasure craft. In many countries around the world, this is a distinction which offers the boat-owner serious advantages both in terms of crew management and administration, with significant savings in time and money. This is because pleasure crafts do not require a professional captain or engineer and have reduced crew requirements.

Price:  6,800.000
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