Aznom Golf Bag


Aznom Carbon Collection: the product is bespoke on request and the delivery time is estimated after the order (from 60 to 90 days).

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In a world where globalization reigns, we believe that the real luxury is to be able to choose products with unique and unconventional soul. We create personal and tailored products developed with high-quality technological materials and manufactured by the expert hands of Italian craftsmen. Only In this way can Innovation and Tradition come together with exclusive products realized in limited edition.”

The Carbon Collection is the result of experimentation and research of Aznom into the world of high-tech materials. We started to work with carbon fiber in 2006. The project was born from the idea of using technologies and materials of the racing world to create design objects with strong technical content and strong innovative character.

With this philosophy were born revolutionary products such as the Carbon Business Collection, a collection of bags made of carbon fiber in which the tradition of leather craftsmen merges with innovation and technology of composite materials.

Nowadays there are few craftsmen who are still able to produce by hand a golf bag. It is an old heritage that has been handed down over the years and that we are losing with the advent of industrial production. Our golf bag fiber is still produced by hand by our craftsmen, with many hours of careful work.

Golf bag in real leather and carbon fiber panel: the carbon fiber is TPU coated, allowing it to remain flexible. Holds a full set of clubs with two interior compartments. Supple removable cover with wide opening zip. Front and back zip pockets. Highly resistant base, large studs underneath the base to protect the leather, palladium metal finish existence.

Lining: Microfiber, Outer: Real Leather and Carbon Fibering for longtime resistance.

Price from  5,800.00

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