Bahrain Grand Prix – Social comments – Seb

Rhythm, braking, Bahrain peculiarities are just some of the words used by Seb Vettel to describe the Sakhir track when talking to his race engineer, Riccardo Adami. We eavesdropped on their conversation around a small table as their chat revealed how when two people have been working together for a few years at Ferrari can develop an understanding that goes beyond just the technical details. To the extent, that in the end, it’s Ricky who surprises his driver…

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About BIC:

Located in the heart of the Sakhir desert, Bahrain International Circuit is a unique and contemporary facility that is synonymous with the highest levels of global motorsport. Featuring five different track layouts, the circuit first saw life in 2004 when the first-ever Formula 1 Grand Prix took place in the country, making it the first-ever track in the Middle East to host the Formula 1 World Championship. Bahrain International Circuit continues to host staggering crowds and a wide range of events and activities, and serves as a platform that encourages motorsports in the country.

Each year, the circuit gears up for the Formula One and transforms itself into a platform for motorsport enthusiasts and avid fans alike to witness an epic display of mastery on the track. As the drivers face each other in a thrilling battle that puts to test their agility and ability, racegoers hold their breath as the race starts and let out jubilant cheers as the champion makes his way to the checkered flag


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