Brembo Brake Facts – Brazil

Brembo Brake Facts – Brazil

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The hardest braking point on the Autódromo Jose Carlos Pace lies ahead of the first corner. The Formula 1 driver has to decelerate by 241 km/h within 1.43 seconds over just 138 metres. In the process 2,502 kW of power get released, while 5.5 G are exerted on the driver, who still has to push with 165 kg onto the brake:

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Wilson Poit, Special Secretary for Tourism Affairs and chairman of São Paulo Tourism, said about the circuit:
“The Interlagos Circuit is a place where São Paulo and Brazil are pride and it is in everyones minds when the subject is speed. It´s considered an icon for motorsport, labeled by unforgettable moments, saluting always with glamor, safety and efficiency tests of the main categories, as Formula 1, Stock Car, Formula Truck, among other. It was a great school for Brazilian drivers and still is home to the emergence of new talents, already received historic racing and still hosts some of the most important worldwide, helping to promote motorsport in the country, to strengthen tourism in São Paulo and make the city even more famous internationally”.

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