British Grand Prix – Friday 8th July 2016. Silverstone, England

Williams Martini Racing

Valtteri Bottas: First of all, it’s good fun to drive at Silverstone. We’ve made some good steps with the car today from FP1 to FP2, but there’s still plenty of work to do. It’s been a while since we’ve run the medium and the soft tyres, so there’s still some things to look into regarding getting 100% out of them. Hopefully tomorrow we can be closer to the front because there’s a bigger gap than we expected today. Graining is still a bit of an issue with the soft tyres, but there’s no problems with the medium. Tonight we’ll be looking at the tyres and the new front wing.

Felipe Massa: It wasn’t really a fantastic Friday. We are struggling a little bit in terms of pace on the car and I definitely expected to be a little bit better for a Friday, but we are working hard to improve our performance. Let’s wait and see how we are tomorrow compared to the others.

Sahara Force India

Nico Hulkenberg: It was a pretty standard Friday, even though we had gale-strength winds in the afternoon that really made the conditions difficult out there. The times don’t tell the whole story, as we didn’t run the soft tyres in the afternoon and so our final positions don’t look that good. Across the two sessions, we ran all three compounds, although there is not a huge difference in feeling between them. We have a few areas to improve, but in general I am quite happy with the balance of the car. It will be important to find a way to reduce the effects of the wind on the car and hopefully we’ll find a bit more performance for tomorrow.

Sergio Perez: It was a very intense day and we now have plenty of information for the team to go through. We have some important decisions to make, in particular for Sunday’s race, but I think we have learned enough to make the right calls. We were able to run on all tyre compounds and I feel we are in a good position for the weekend. We need to focus on our long run pace – that’s where we have a margin to improve and that’s the main area we will work on tonight.

Scuderia Toro Rosso

Daniil Kvyat: Looking at the time sheets from the two sessions, our performance was not good enough today. The conditions were quite tricky out there because of the wind and I think that had something to do with my spin in FP2. It also made it difficult to understand exactly which areas of the car we need to work on the most, but the weather is the same for everyone. Therefore, we have to come up with something different in terms of our set-up before FP3, especially when it comes to the short runs. We have been in a similar situation before on Friday and managed to turn things around for the rest of the weekend, so I am hopeful of improving tomorrow.

Carlos Sainz: I’d say this has been our toughest Friday so far this season… We all expected a bit more performance wise. It’s been a very tricky day because of the wind and track conditions, so we definitely have a bit of work to do overnight in order to overcome these difficulties. We aren’t where we wanted to be, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t turn things around and be on top of it tomorrow – I’m confident we can make this happen!

McLaren Honda

Fernando Alonso: Everything feels okay with this weekend’s PU upgrade – hopefully, the engineers can look at the numbers to validate the improvements and check reliability for the rest of the weekend. I know Jenson had some trouble in FP2, so we need to avoid any reliability issues in order to score some points on Sunday. We’ve regularly been performing well on Fridays, but we still to extract more performance from the car on Saturdays. Still, we’ve managed to get into Q3 for the past couple of races, so we’ll try and repeat that again tomorrow. It’s very windy out there, and there’s more wind and rain forecast for tomorrow, so it could be difficult for everyone.

Jenson Button: I had a tricky afternoon session: I did one lap on the Prime tyre at the start of the session, then had a problem and had to sit in the garage for half an hour, then went out and completed one lap, had another problem, and was only able to get out on the Option tyre at the very end. Hopefully the problems we encountered today will be resolved by tomorrow and we can get some running in – fortunately, it appears to be more about number-crunching on the laptops than anything else, so we should be able to get back on track. Nonetheless, it still looks like it’ll be difficult to get into Q3 tomorrow, but if we get a clear morning session, I think that would help improve our fortunes for qualifying. Fernando found some good pace today – so tomorrow my car will hopefully be fitted with new components, we’ll get some positive running under our belts, and we’ll look a bit more competitive, too.

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