C41 Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN unveiled in Warsaw

Antonio Giovinazzi interview:

Q. Welcome back Antonio. The new season is nearly here, how do you feel about it?

A. The winter went quickly, and I am really looking forward to the new season. This will be my third season with the team, I am very happy to continue our history together. Of course, we know it may once again be a tricky one, but I am confident the hard work we all did during the winter in the factory will pay off. On my side, I have trained very hard and I am just looking forward to being in the car for the first test and then finally for the first race.

Q. You are now a driver with two full seasons under your belt. Will you approach the season differently because of it?

A. Having two full seasons with the team means that I already know much better the people around me, so that our work can be better. Of course, the target is still the same: scoring a lot of points together. My dream would be to score a podium with this team, which would be at the top of our list, but first, we need to see where we are in terms of performance and speed. I am confident that we can do very well this year.

Q. The winter break was shorter than usual, how did this affect your preparations? 

A. Last season ended in the middle of December, so the winter break was really short. This means we had less time to prepare, both the car and myself as well, but in the end, it was the same for everyone. We just need to be as prepared as we can when it comes to the first race.

Q. How was the break for you – did you train, recharge your batteries?

A. Of course, the winter break is the time when you can see your family and spend time with them, especially after such a busy season as last year; I also managed to do a lot of physical work with my personal trainer, cycling a lot and also in the gym. Right now, with the restrictions brought on by COVID, that was not as easy as it would normally be, but I think I have done the best job possible in these circumstances. Now the track will tell!

Q. Have you got any specific targets going into the new season?

A. Like every year, the target this season is to do as well as possible and score the maximum amount of points; as a driver, I want to keep improving, like I did last year compared with the first season, and do another step forward. As I have said before, scoring a podium would be the ultimate dream: it is what this team deserves.

Q. Testing is much shorter in 2021 – you’ll be in the car for less than two days. What are the key elements to work on in such a short time?

We’ll only have three days for two drivers this year, which means just a day and a half for each of us. That won’t be easy but fortunately, because of the regulations and our team’s stability, we are in a good situation. The car will be quite similar to last year, so we can focus immediately on trying to do as many laps and collect as much data as we can and be ready in top shape for the first race.

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