C43 is unveiled by Alfa Romeo F1 Team

Lean, mean, and stunning. The C43, Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake’s 2023 challenger, was unveiled during a dual launch event in Zurich and at the team headquarters in Hinwil, Switzerland.

The world of Formula One already has a challenger for the title of the most beautiful car on the grid. The C43, in a stunning red and black livery, will lead Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu in the 2023 World Championship as the team strives to improve.

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As the drivers took the covers off the car at the team’s Hinwil base, CGI images and videos of the C43 were released to the media and fans, bringing the new Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake car to life in all its glory. The C43 was assembled from raw materials and broken parts in an impressive video. This is a metaphor for how the team is made up of different people who work together, each of whom is important to the team’s success. The C43 was also made available in Augmented Reality for all fans to bring into their homes in an interactive trip created by team partners, JigSpace, to enhance the fan experience further.

The livery, created by Alfa Romeo’s Centro Stile, incorporates the expanding list of brands affiliated with the team, including prominent locations for Alfa Romeo and new title partner, Stake, and recent acquisitions highlighting the team’s increasing appeal to businesses across a variety of industries. With unmatched access and a relentless drive for innovation beyond technical issues, Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake has distinguished itself as a pioneer among Formula One teams in the previous several seasons.

Following the Hinwil unveil, the drivers met with Team Representative Alessandro Alunni Bravi, Technical Director Jan Monchaux, reserve driver Théo Pourchaire, and a group of fans who had been brought closer to the team for the occasion at the TV studios in Zurich. They also participated in an online press conference with media worldwide.

The C43 is an evolution of last year’s successful challenger, the C42, designed by the technical team led by Jan Monchaux and powered by a new Ferrari engine unit: nonetheless, due to the FIA’s limited but significant modifications in regulations, the C43 features various upgrades and entirely new parts, with its overall development path still promising a steep improvement curve.

The vehicle has been stripped of its “winter livery,” a piece of graffiti art created by BOOGIE, and is now prepared for a shakedown session this week in Barcelona and winter testing at the end of the month in Bahrain.

Alessandro Alunni Bravi, Managing Director of the Sauber Group and Team Representative:

Each department of a racing team is involved in the lengthy process of bringing a vehicle to life. Therefore, seeing it unveiled today is a source of immense pride. We opted to do it in front of our supporters, close to our home because the launch of a new car is more than just a chance to outline your goals for the season ahead: it’s also a chance to thank the people who have supported you, whether in the grandstands, in front of the TV, or back at the factory, and express our gratitude for their passion and belief in our project. Our new car results from months of preparation, but today is only the start of a journey. We must continue working hard to deliver performance to the track with humility and dedication. Everyone on the team is dedicated to achieving this goal, and we are sure our efforts will be rewarded.

Jan Monchaux, Alfa Romeo F1 Team Technical Director:

I am happy with our accomplishments over the last few months because developing a new car requires a significant team effort. This vehicle is an improvement over last year’s, considering the new restrictions and making significant alterations where we felt they were necessary. We have worked very hard in this area, so I’m hoping it will be faster and more dependable than the successful car we had last year. It’s time to head to the track to see how this car performs. I’m excited to get back to racing, and I’m convinced there will be much more from us shortly.

Valtteri Bottas, Alfa Romeo F1 Team driver :

Finally, the C43 is here, and I can’t wait to get it back on track. Our new livery is beautiful and a good improvement over last year’s. There is only one way: up, higher, and better. It’s been an intriguing first season with the squad, and we made some fairly good development together. We still have work to do and things to improve, but I believe in our ability to aspire even higher this year. I am eager to resume racing. I am energized and anxious to begin the new season.

Zhou Guanyu, Alfa Romeo F1 Team driver:

I am pleased to see the C43 finally unveiled following all of the behind-the-scenes work that has been done in recent months; I believe we have a stunning new design for 2023, and I am looking forward to the car in Barcelona in the coming days before officially kicking off the season in Bahrain with winter testing. Last year, the team welcomed me and gave me time to learn and grow, immediately making me feel at home. The bar has been raised for this year, and I’ll carry all the knowledge I gained throughout my first season into 2023. I am eager for what is to come and am prepared to attack.

Théo Pourchaire, Alfa Romeo F1 Team reserve driver:

As a reserve driver for the team, I am grateful and honoured to be participating in my first Formula One launch. I am excited to start, and it is lovely to see the work pay off! I am thrilled for everyone back at the factory since I have witnessed the enormous amount of labour that went into turning the car from a drawing to reality. I believe they did a fantastic job. Of course, there is a lot of anticipation, and I am excited to see the C43 on the track in the coming days. I feel like I’m a member of a fantastic family and team, and I am committed to giving all I’ve got to get the best results.

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