Casino Commandments: The Don’ts of Gambling


We are sure you hear about what to do whilst gambling a lot these days, but learning what not to do is equally important, and could save you a lot of unneeded hassle in the future. It really is essential to have a basic framework of what to do and what not to do whilst you are at the casino – we at like to call it the casino commandments.  

There are far more than just 10 too, because the casino can often be a difficult and also rather enticing place at the best of times. Many things will be pretty obvious, but there are also a few definite don’ts that not as many people immediately pick up on. Read ahead for a few don’ts of gambling… 

Don’t Go To The Wrong Casino 

One thing far too many people do these days is go to the wrong casino, whether that be over the Internet or in traditional land-based places. What makes a wrong casino? Well, it can be a number of things. Make sure you are being offered fair odds, and more importantly that the games themselves aren’t dodgy. 

Don’t Play A casino Game Without Knowing How Too 

This should be incredibly obvious, but it is really rather stupid to play a casino game without really knowing how it works. Casino isn’t really like simple communal sport – there is actual money on the line, and the rules are often a bit more complex than most games you see day to day. Do a little research on the game you intend to play and you will be fine.

Don’t Play An online casino Game With Bad Odds 

Another don’t that should be obvious – stay away from games that give bad odds, as this is sure-fire way to end up losing more cash than you win. Different games have different odds, however it is widely accepted that Blackjack has the best odds of any table game available. With online slots it is also possible to check the RTP (in Britain at least). This stands for Return To Player and is given as a percentage that will indicate the chances of it paying out. 

Don’t Try To Cheat 

One of the biggest don’ts in the casino commandments is do not cheat. We know it can be tempting to try and cheat your way to a huge jackpot, but the reality is that these days it is a very difficult art to perfect without getting caught. Surveillance is at an all time high in the 21st Century, and most cheats don’t stand a chance. Don’t get yourself blacklisted! 

Don’t Chase Your Losses 

Now here’s something a few gamblers may not already be aware of, especially if they are partial to following the Martingale strategy. It is incredibly important you never fall into the trap of chasing your losses whilst gambling, doing so will most probably see you losing a lot of money, do you really want that? We didn’t think so…

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