Celebrities That Love Casinos

Celebrities casino

As we know, celebrities create trends and in some instances, the trends they set to collect more fans. This can be said for avid casino celebrities. Despite being hotshots in the film industry, there are a number of admired celebrities. They are recognized by already established poker players or overall casino enthusiasts. Here we take a look at the celebs that just thrive and love being in casinos or even online at Kingcasino.com, and more specifically casinos all around the world. Check them out here; some of the names may even surprise you!

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Pamela Anderson

The blonde bombshell may not be present in many new releases, but the Hollywood actress has made her name through a number of blockbuster hits and red carpet titles throughout the years. This lady in red has owned her spot on her list and even has a slots machine game named after one of her biggest career-defining TV shows, Baywatch. In addition to an incredibly great design of a video slot creation, Anderson has been known to have a good hand at the poker tables.

Ben Affleck

This meme hero has been known to, not only be good at but to also excel at poker in Vegas. The famed actor has even competed in some of the biggest poker games in Vegas. What’s interesting to learn about the Goodwill Hunting and Paycheck actor is that he has been banned from Hard Rock Café and when you discover why you may find yourself slightly amused. It is assumed Affleck is too good at Blackjack and actually counts cards. How he does this is a mystery, especially for those who know and understand Blackjack.

Charlie Sheen

Oh, Charlie, we have to love the Two and a Half Men actor despite all of his flaws. One of Sheen’s flaws involves casino tables. The man doesn’t know when to stop! However, we can vouch for his tiger blood luck. The famous and eccentric actor sure has had a few runs with lady luck on his side but then again, who wouldn’t with that kind of reputation.

Tiger Woods

Another bad boy on the books, and good at the tables, is ladies’ man Tiger Woods. The pro golfer has managed to create a reputation for himself as a bit of a high stakes player…surprise surprise.

Matt Damon

Everyone loves themselves so Matt in their love and Matt, well he loves himself some poker. The incredibly talented actor is just as talented at playing Texas Hold’em as he is behind the camera. The actor has even admitted that his love and passion for the casino gaming biz helped in a number of casino related movies he has to act in.

As you can see, even actors are human and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh just as any person would who has ever won anything in their lives. It’s just nice to know that while lady luck may be on the side of some, she has her moments and disappears even for the rich and famous.

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