CFD trading vs. investing: which should I choose?


There are many options available to investors to trade; however, understanding each of these assets is key to deciding which of them is best for you. Some famous trading options are investing and CFD trading, both of which are not similar in trading strategies. Although there are ways in which each of them is beneficial to the traders. Traders might have a dilemma regarding the best trading option to trade between Investing and CFD; this guide will help resolve the dilemma.

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What is CFD?

Traders can predict and presume the direction the value of an asset will go, either increasing or decreasing over a period. Such type of trading is known as a contract for differences (CFDs). The investor’s profit depends on the disparity before commencing and after closing the trade. The traders do not own the physical assets. Therefore, they can only trade on their change in valuation. CFD trading is possible on multiple platforms, and its availability can be as indices, shares, bonds, cryptocurrencies, and precious elements.

Traders profit by selling high after buying low and will not own the real asset. The disparity between the product’s value when the market opens and closes will determine the CFDs value. Opening a long or short position is possible with CFD trading, and in this case, traders open a short position after making predictions that their chances of making profits later come true. When a trader opens a long position, the same thing applies.

What Is Investing?

cfd trading v investing

When traders buy shares in an exchange-traded fund organization, it is known as investing, and the traders have the purchased shares in their possession. Therefore, the traders make profits whenever there is a rise in the share value over time. Having vote rights and receiving dividends is also possible for traders that buy the company’s shares. However, the two benefits depend on the number of shares bought.

What Differentiates Investing from CFD Trading?

Investing and CFD trading are dissimilar in many ways. Below are five main differences between them:

  1. CFD trading contracts are short-term, whereas investing can lead to the accumulation of profits over months and years. The period the trader holds on to an asset is known as the holding period. It is usually the duration for holding the contract for differences from a few seconds to one year.
  2. For the identification of short-term gains, traders usually use statistical patterns and technical analysis. An investor uses the Buffet approach, which uses financial performance to identify undervalued assets.
  3. CFD trading has a higher risk than investing, such that about 70% to 75% of traders make losses. However, investing is less risky as it allows for diversification, and investors tend to invest in multiple assets.
  4. Every year, the amount received by investors is always between 10% to 20% making the expected return of investing lesser than CFD trading, which is usually 100% per annum.
  5. Traders must be constantly active in the market during CFD trading, unlike investing, which can combine with other things.

Investing vs. CFD Trading: Which Should I Choose?

Investing is the best trading option, and it requires forming a portfolio for any investor considering the long-term making of money. Although there is a higher possible gain from trading, the risk involved is usually worth taking. If you do not care about how much time you spend learning and practising trading, then CFD trading may be the best for you. Regardless of the investment option you choose, there is a need to research extensively and have adequate trading knowledge to prevent loss of money. 

Final Thought

Many factors determine if a trader should select investing or CFD trading. The amount of risks traders are willing to take will depend on the trading options to select. Investing is less risky than a contract for difference trading as it allows diversification of the investment portfolio. Another factor worth considering is if you prefer an investment that brings money over a short or long-term period. Depending on what you want, the two trading options are very good for investors. Make sure to research each of the two options and register with the best brokerage platforms. 

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