Chanel heads to the Mediterranean post COVID-19

By Victor Gee | The repercussion of the COVID-19 pandemic has transcended human losses and affected numerous sectors in the economy including the most mediatised industry of fashion and luxury. Even fashion veterans such as Anna Wintour admitted that the post-recovery era would hold drastic changes. Many global brands have already announced that they will no longer participate in conventional fashion weeks and will seek novel alternatives.

And with all the uncertainty that awaits the milieu, the new Chanel Cruise 2020/21 collection brings in a breath of fresh air from the aqua blue sea we all long for. In their “Balade en Méditerranée” campaign, the French Maison took the glamorous French-Italian Riviera as an inspiration. A collection designed for travellers who seek light ensembles that accompany their voyages with statement pieces that are adaptable and of multi purposes; perfectly aligned with what the consumer of today looks for.

Virginie Viard, who is successfully leading the legacy of the house, explained: “Initially I had Capri in mind, where the show was supposed to take place, but didn’t happen in the end because of lockdown… So we had to adapt: not only did we decide to use fabrics that we already had, but the collection, more generally, evolved towards a trip around the Mediterranean… The islands, the scent of the eucalyptus, the pink shades of the bougainvillea.”

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