Colnago V1r Ferrari Bike


The V1-r is the frame from Colnago designed for cyclists who are particular about their bike’s weight-to-performance ratio. It is made with the highest quality carbon fibre, selected in cooperation with Ferrari, which is why we use the Cavallino logo on each frame. The frame is monocoque, with aerodynamically shaped tube sections, and full-carbon rear dropouts.

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The V1-r is the best monocoque frame produced in Colnago’s sixty-year history.

The aero shape

All of the V1-R’s tubes, including the fork blades and the seat stays, have a special shape optimized in the wind tunnel to make the V1 even faster. The profiles are derived from the NACA (set of foils and have been heavily revised to be optimized for the speed of a bicycle then truncated to better respond to the demands of the UCI regulations and structural requirements.


The V1-R’s fork is also a new concept, designed and structured to support the integrated front brake body. It has a double hole to accommodate the dual-pivot system for direct mounting. The brake is thus more rigid, powerful, and aerodynamic. The design also incorporates the shapes of the other tubes with the truncated profiles. The base measures 1 “1/4, while the remainder is 1 1/8”. A valuable detail is the conical carbon fibre head, on which is located the headset bearing. Tolerances allow the mounting of tires up to a maximum size of 28 mm. Also; as with all Colnago forks, the dropouts are made of aluminium.


One of the most striking features of the V1-R is the adoption of a new standard for the braking system: the BR-1 using direct mount brakes. The main advantage of this brake is a better integration, both structural and aerodynamic, with the frame and fork. In terms of performance, this translates into a system that is stiffer (and therefore more powerful), lighter, and with cleaner aesthetics. Shimano offers these new brakes in the 105, Ultegra and Dura-Ace series. For the customer wishing to use SRAM or Campagnolo components, we have also developed our own brake, which will be available with the frame.

Carbon frame dropouts

Another major innovation found on the V1-r is represented by the use of carbon fibre monocoque dropouts and a new internally mounted replaceable derailleur hanger. The advantage in terms of strength and weight are significant compared to previous designs. Integrated into the right dropout is access for the rear derailleur cable, perfectly suited for either mechanical or electronic shifting components.


For maximum integration and aerodynamics, Colnago offers the new V1-r with a special, dedicated seatpost. Using the proven forged aluminium head of the models currently in production.  With close attention to detail, Colnago designed. The post with a smaller cross-section (approx. 27.2 mm) for maximum comfort and aerodynamic profile to match the frame’s tube shapes to ensure maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

Price: from  6,400.00

Available from: Colnago dealers

Good Things

  • A very well made bike. Very light. Golden standard!

Bad Things

  • Expensive. There are better options at this price range.

The Breakdown


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