Curam Domi and Alfa Romeo F1 Team sign a partnership agreement

curami domi

Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN has entered a partnership with Belgium-based resilience centre, Curam Domi. Engineered with the passion to set up a unique space for training, rehabilitation and prevention for everyone in a safe and controlled healing environment, Curam Domi aims to get clients back in perfect shape, providing an optimum quality of life in all daily activities.

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Key features in Curam Domi’s approach are the integration of sensory experiences within training, rehabilitation and prevention. They use a combination of value-based measurements, safety, serious gaming, virtual reality, without of course foregoing the human approach. Together with clients, they set up a personal plan to achieve the expected aims.

Curam Domi has developed an innovative physiotherapeutic care concept in which movement and experience are combined to support and stimulate the rehabilitation process. The same concept facilitates prevention and lifestyle for everybody.

Frédéric Vasseur, Team Principal Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN:

We are a team and we take part in a team sport: the value of the individual is paramount for our activities and it is something in which we have invested confidently in recent years. Curam Domi shares our values and principles, putting the person first and developing a human-centric, holistic approach to healing. We are looking forward to discovering more about this approach with them during our partnership.

Cindy Jonckman, Founder and Director of Curam Domi:

We are so proud to be a partner of Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN; because we have the same vision and the same approach. Both are engineered with passion with a focus on experience, innovation and prevention. From now on, we are together on the road to perform the best results.

About Curam Domi:

Curam Domi Group BV is privately owned based next to Leuven in Belgium. It is expanding in Belgium towards 20 locations in the next five years. Its Flagship Innovation Experience Lifestyle Centre will open in 2023 in Vilvoorde located in the Living Tomorrow Building. Living Tomorrow is the most beloved innovation platform where you connect with millions of customers, partners, markets and government contacts of today and tomorrow. Curam Domi will also expand its activities in other European countries. Together with our partners, such as Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN, we want to further focus on experience, innovation and prevention for everybody.

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