Dating Someone in Racing – Building a Strong Relationship

Jessica Michibata

Racing is a demanding sport where only the enthusiasts are successful. Racers spend a lot of time and money practising and servicing their vehicles not to mention visiting different parts of the world racing with other enthusiasts.

Falling in love and maintaining a strong relationship with someone in racing does not sound like a bed of roses for many people. The greatest fear is that this person might dedicate most of their time and heart to their racing passion and hurt you most of the time.

But this is not always the case as there are relationships that have thrived into strong relationships and marriages. However, success in such a relationship requires input from both sides. And this is what we are going to discuss here. Read on to learn more.

Give Support

Racing is a passion for many people rather than a career. If your partner loves it, give support and encouragement. In return, you will get a stronger relationship without too many conflicts.

On the other hand, those who are involved in racing should not take advantage of this and spend all of their time with vehicles and motorbikes, the other person needs support as well in their career. Sometimes you have to forget your auto passion and be there for your partner.

Plan Your Weekends Well

Racing is often done over the weekends. This is when most people in racing are free and prefer to meet, especially on Saturdays. All you need to do is fit time in together without putting too much pressure. Plan your weekend together and agree on how far each of you will compromise. For instance, the morning hours can be spent racing while you can have a date in the evening.

If you want to go out shopping on a Saturday, choose a weekend with no racing activities. Do not compromise racing gigs that are not so crucial in your career to be with your partner.

Be Happy

If you are having a casual relationship with a racing enthusiast, you can opt to have an additional partner if this does not hurt your current relationship in any way. In such a case, why not try these out to learn more about friends with benefits?

After all, the happier you are, the higher the chances of maintaining healthy relationships no matter who you are dating. More likely than not, an additional casual relationship will keep you happy when your racing partner is engaged in rallies and other racings gigs.

Love the Racetrack

You can either join the racetrack to be with your partner or be there when they race. Be part of the race family as this will increase the bond between you and your partner. This helps your relationship to grow stronger as you witness the milestones of success with your partner. As mentioned earlier, it all boils down to having a plan that accommodates both of you.


See, it is easy to date someone in racing and enjoy a strong relationship. Make sure that all your conflicts are solved in a mature way and that they do not tear your relationship apart. This is just like any other relationship.

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