Designing and building F1 models with… special bricks

Designing and building Formula 1 models with…special bricks. When a game turns into a passion.

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Among the special features on display at Minardi Day 2021, which really aroused considerable interest among the fans attending the event, was a wonderful series of Formula 1 models in scale made with LEGO bricks. I immediately noticed the care and precision with which they were made but, above all, the great diversity compared to what is normally found on the market. Curiosity drove me to have a chat with the author: Luca Rusconi founder of the LEGO user group Brianza LUG.

Piero Savazzi – Luca good morning, can I ask you a few questions for The Paddock Magazine? Are these official LEGO construction sets?

Luca Rusconi – No, they are personal creations, conceived, designed and built by me, using original pieces, in existing shapes and colours.

PS – Are they available in assembly kits?

LR – No, assembly kits are not directly available. Instead, lists of the necessary parts and instructions for assembly are available. These elements are the result of my work with Computer-Aided Design.

PS – How many parts are needed to make a model?

LR – Each F1 model is made with a different number of parts. I can say that they vary from a minimum of 1700 pieces, up to a maximum of about 2300 bricks.

PS – On what scale are the models you exhibited at Minardi Day 2021?

LR – The models are in 1:8 scale and, at the end of the assembly work, they have very important dimensions. The biggest piece that determines the final size is the rear wheel.

PS – What is the final cost of a model?

LR – The value can vary from around 450 to 600 Euros. A lot depends on the type of bricks you want to use. If you buy and use brand new parts, the cost is much higher. Using used bricks can halve the final cost.

PS – What about the decals?

LR – To avoid problems in finding material that respects the originals, I design and produce my own decals to apply to the models.

PS – How can an enthusiast who wants to understand more about the construction of models contact you?

LR – They can contact me by email or the website below.

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