Different ways which Formula 1 fans can enjoy the sport

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F1 is one of the most watched sports in the world. In fact, the nail-biting 2021 season finale in Abu Dhabi drew over 108.7m viewers, as fans were eager to see whether Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen would come out on top. Thanks to advancements in online platforms, there are now many ways that F1 fans can enjoy the sport. Let’s take a closer look at just 5 of these below…

Watching races from your TV

The first thing you can do is watch the races on TV- Formula 1 races are broadcast live throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa and are always shown on catchup in the Americas. You can also get live updates via various apps such as BBC Sport and Sky Sports F1. While there are many ways that Formula One fans can enjoy the sport, there’s no denying that watching it on TV is still the most popular of them all. Do your research and find out which TV channel or service provider has the TV rights to F1 in your country. In the UK, this is Sky until the end of 2024, but you’ll require a subscription in order to watch. Channel 4, however, does show qualifying and race highlights which are broadcast for free!

Watching race highlights on social media

If you’re not following Formula 1 on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, then you’re simply missing out on all the best bits! Highlights are posted as soon as they happen and can be viewed right away on official accounts like the F1 Twitter page, F1 Facebook page and the Official F1 YouTube account, where fans across the nation can enjoy the best moments in the most recent races, keep up with the latest Formula 1 news and more!

Betting on your favourite drivers

Given how many drivers compete for the same title, the odds and betting dynamic for F1 are slightly different compared to other sports. F1 is known for its drama and unpredictability, so betting on your favourite drivers is a great way to immerse yourself and develop a passion for the drivers and their teams. Many online casinos offer a great range of sports betting, as well as your favourite slot titles, table games and more. Racing fans can achieve the ultimate Formula 1 experience by betting on their favourites to win. You could even make it into a competition with your friends and see who comes out on top each week! 

Attending a Formula 1 race

If you’re an F1 fan, then nothing can beat the thrill of actually going to one of the races in person. After all, there are some things you can’t get a sense of by watching F1 on television: the sights and sounds of the racetrack, the atmosphere of a Grand Prix weekend, and the sheer speed of the cars. There are tracks to choose from all around the world, and each has its own exclusive benefits and excitement for the audience in the stands. If you have a favourite driver, you could go and see them in their home country or go to your own home track. With a whole weekend of racing, you could even just book tickets to the practice laps or qualifying to keep costs down.

Follow your favourite drivers and teams

Another great way to keep up with Formula One is by following some of the best Formula 1 drivers and teams on social media. All drivers regularly post on their social media accounts, and each team typically includes some kind of fan interactivity, so you may get the chance to ask them some questions! You can also stay updated on injuries or mechanical issues this way too.

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