Dog car seat cover buying guide


Choosing a dog car seat cover can be challenging. Whether you’re looking for a jeep dog seat cover, active pets dog seat cover, or a rear seat dog car cover for your pets, you need the one that won’t disappoint. And how do you find it among thousands of market offers?

This article will share our guide to choosing the best dog car seat cover. We’ll compare car dog hammocks, bench seat cover, bucket seat covers, and car door guards. After comparing the key features, you’ll be able to get the option that best suits your needs.

Bench Seat Covers

Do you have bench car seats? Then you need a bench dog rear seat cover! Let’s see what its main features, pros and cons are.

Such seat covers are designed specially to fit bench car seats. They are usually wide and completely cover the back seat as if you were covering it with a blanket. Bench seat covers fit snugly to the seat and follow its shape.

The main pro of such a dog car seat cover is that it has a very tight fit. A non-slip bottom won’t slide or move under your pet, which is super handy if you need an active pet dog seat cover.

As for the cons, most bench seat covers are one-sided. It means they only protect the seat itself, while your dog can easily jump to the floor or into the front seat. Like this, front seat backs and car doors remain unprotected from hair, dirt and scratches.

Bucket Seat Covers

Bucket seat covers are also specially designed for bucket-style seats. These are separate covers for a single seat or the entire rear seat.

Just like a bench seat cover, a bucket-style cover follows the shape of your seat. So if you’re looking for a jeep seat cover or a BMW dog seat cover, you should ensure that it will fit your car model. Check this in advance before purchasing so as not to find yourself with a seat cover that won’t work for you.

Again, such a dog car seat cover has a tight and stable fit. It protects the backrest, the seat itself, and the sides from dirt, hair and damage. So if you choose a bucket-style passenger seat dog cover with a non-slip bottom and waterproof, your seat upholstery will remain in perfect condition.

On the contrary, while protecting the seat itself, such a dog rear seat cover still doesn’t protect your front seats and car doors against dirt, hairs, nails and teeth. Also, it’s not the best option if you want to keep your pet in the back. Without walls, bucket-style dog seat cover for pets doesn’t work as a four-sided back seat protector.


Most pet seat covers are dog hammocks. Hammocks are attached to the headrests of the back and front seats so that they look like a blanket stretched all over the back seat area.

Hammocks are great as they prevent dogs from jumping onto the floor or into the front seat and keep them restrained. They protect both the back and front seats from dirt, hair and damage. The very best hammocks have four-sided protection with sidewalls, like this pets dog car seat cover from Owleys brand. Such a dog seat cover for your dog is a perfect option to keep your car interior fully protected and, therefore, perfectly clean.

Hammocks are usually universal to fit different car models. So if you’re looking for a jeep dog seat cover, for example, finding one among pet hammocks will be quite easy.

When choosing a hammock, make sure it is waterproof and resistant to tear and wear. The best material for dog seat covers is nylon or nylon-based Oxford fabric. It is a waterproof and durable fabric that will last you a long time.

Then make sure the hammock has a stable and secure fit. Check the fasteners – metal ones are the strongest. This is an important detail to look out for if you need a hammock for a large breed dog or an active pet seat cover. Also, check for the non-slip bottom to avoid slipping, especially if your car seats are leather.

Another essential quality of a hammock dog seat cover for pets is the number of its layers. Choose ones that have at least three layers: for example, a waterproof top layer, soft padding, and a bottom layer with a non-slip coating. Avoid thin dog hammocks with plastic furniture. They are unsafe and unlikely to protect your car interior for long.

Car Door Guards

If you already have a dog hammock without sidewalls, a bench seat cover, bucket-style cover, or separate door protectors are an option.

Car door guards usually attach inside the gap of a car window, protecting the underside of the door from dirty paws, nails and teeth. This is an excellent option if your dog likes to look out the window while resting its front paws on the door.

When choosing car door protectors, pay attention that they are damage-resistant. Thin fabric protectors won’t be able to protect your doors from dog nails in the long run.

Pay attention to the door protectors with rigid inserts. They won’t disappoint as they are really sturdy and vandal-resistant. For example, the Owleys brand dog hammock we mentioned above has removable solid inserts.

Finally, make sure that the door guards attach firmly to the door and not just “hanging” on its surface. They are unlikely to protect your car doors if they don’t hold well.

So, let’s sum up!

There are different options for a rear seat dog car cover for pets – dog hammocks, bench seat covers, bucket seat covers, and separate car door protectors. Bench covers and bucket covers are perfect for protecting the seats themselves, but they can’t fully protect the backseat area. Door guards protect your doors but don’t work for seat covering. Finally, dog hammocks protect the entire car interior against dirt, hair, and scratches. Our favourite is the Owleys dog hammock with study sidewalls.  

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