Doin’ it right. Not. McLaren’s sponsor approach

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  • Sponsor exodus, dating back to Vodafone‘s demise as the title sponsor.
  • A promised replacement for Vodafone that was never announced.
  • Dennis unhappy with Tag Heuer‘s marketing approach at Monaco.
  • Tag Heuer subsequently jumped ship to Red Bull and is expected to pay far more for engine badging, suggesting the company could have spent more on McLaren.
  • McLaren’s budget is lower than Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull. A further decline, caused by fall in sponsorship money, will hardly help in their aim of dominating Formula 1 again.
  • The McLaren Group already has to fill a big hole in budget caused by team’s fall in the constructors standings.
  • The decline in sponsor revenue puts further pressure on group’s financial resources.
  • McLaren, at present, is reliant on free engines and cash in-flow from Honda.
  • Keeping budget intact will prove crucial in the grand scheme of things.
  • A temporary reduction will help them retain their sponsors – and possibly bring new ones like Chandon due to presence of Button and Alonso – until the team returns to the glorious end of the grid.
  • Williams entered a vicious cycle about a decade ago; could only get out using 2014 rules and an increased budget.
  • Renault’s return to F1 is expected to make life difficult for McLaren.
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