Don’t bet on Motorsports in 2022 without knowing this

Formula 1 2021: Saudi Arabia GP

Do you love it fast and thrilling? Does blood excitingly course through your veins when the F1 car tires squeal and the betting odds on your favourite motorsports team run up on

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Yes, and welcome to the kinship of auto-racing aficionados. 

Come on, motorsports need little to no introduction. With the global motorsports industry projected to hit US$7.8 billion by 2026 with hundreds of betting markets on, the global enthusiasm about the game is teeming. 

But we must agree that burning love for motorsports doesn’t always translate to success in motorsports betting. To become a successful motorsports punter, there are some ground rules you dare not disregard when staking a wager. 

Let us start with the driver’s skills

Of course, driving skills are a principal contributor to the position a contestant bags at the end of a race. To increase your chances of winning on your motorsports wager, you need to analyze the drivers participating in the race thoroughly. 

To determine which driver and which event to bet on, evaluate the form of the respective drivers. Don’t underrate the physiological influence of momentum. 

A driver enjoying a solid run of form is positively positioned to excel in the next event. The reverse applies to drivers suffering a string of poor performance. 

But we will not discount that things change pretty fast in racing. A driver suffering a bad run can dramatically turn his fortunes around and steal the day.

This explains why you need to investigate other facets of the driver (apart from form), like his driving style and motivation.

How adapted is his driving style to the circuit he would race on? Spare some time to stroll through previous performances on similar circuits. How has he/she fared?

The driver’s motivation also factors into the equation. A driver who is not mentally driven is already at a psychological disadvantage compared to a driver desperately rearing for the championship. Always factor in what a driver has to lose or gain a race before you stake your bet.

How strong is the driver’s team?

Yes, it is one man manoeuvring the steering wheel, but a driver’s success is fundamentally traced back to his team. A strong team with an average driver would give a spectacular driver with a mediocre team an intense run for his money.

Team strength influence results more predominantly in competitions like F1. Here it is so easy to see the difference between top teams spending premium dollars and those who are not. 

The likes of Mercedez Benz and Red Bull have some of the most solidly assembled teams. Little wonders their drivers (in the persons of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen) are frontline contenders for the trophy every season. 

So always keep an eye on the team contesting before you place your bet. Thoroughly assess what each of these teams brings to the table.

Keenly inspect the driving track

Inarguably, the results of a driving contest are determined by the driver’s capacity. The suitability of the track to the driver’s car and driving profile also count. 

Always ensure you anticipate the possibilities a circuit present and how appropriately furnished each team is to handle it. 

Some tracks have a sizable number of suitable spots that favour overtaking. There are circuits where overtaking is not only technically challenging but outrightly dangerous. 

For example, it takes guts and an enormous stomach for risk to dare to overtake in circuits like the Monaco Grand Pix.

From your track analysis, you can decipher which driver (or team) would struggle and who would likely excel. 

For example, a driving team whose vehicle is better equipped with top speed will not excel in circuits with tricky turns as much as it would when racing in straight tracks.

What are weather predictions for the encounter?

Oh, you felt you could do without the prevailing climatic conditions in the areas hosting the racing contest? Come on, weather conditions profusely influence driving performances. 

We will tell you how.

From basic mechanics, every 10º F fall in temperature triggers a corresponding 2% leap in aerodynamic drag. This will affect the racing cars.

Not all racing cars excel in extreme weather conditions. Some exhibit disproportionate responses (regarding performance) to adverse weather conditions.

The common aspects of a race prevailing weather conditions influence are fuel consumption, tire wear, and grip. For example, drivers normally experience deterioration in their grip power when it rains heavily. 

Different drivers have varying performance reactions to extreme weather. Indeed, some do better, while some struggle. All these should be factored into your consideration when staking.

So these are some of the fundamental insights you need to make a killing in motorsports betting. And as typical of all betting adventures, it is crucial to adopt a logic-driven approach – and less of an impulse-driven technique – when staking.

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