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Drive to survive Netflix Season 3

Formula 1 launched the 3rd season of Drive to Survive on Netflix on March 19. Fans once again have the opportunity to be behind the scenes and to see how drivers and teams fight for a victory in a year like no other.

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12 countries, 13 drivers were on the podium in 17 races, and we saw two brand new Grand Prix winners!

Lewis Hamilton equalled the number of titles with the legendary Michael Schumacher, and somewhere surpassed his records! So we definitely have something to see!

The third season of the series was filmed in very hard conditions. The film crew literally had to merge with the teams, put on their uniforms, in order to shoot the cherished shots without any problems. The season turned out to be truly dramatic, Netflix definitely knows how to heat up the situation! They develop each action gradually, bringing us closer to the highest point. The viewer sits waiting: what will happen? Will Lewis Hamilton get a penalty for driving outside the permitted area during a practice start? And the most interesting thing is that we watched this Grand Prix and we know that he will be fined! But Netflix makes us forget about it and it turns out that you are watching the race as if for the first time. Maybe it’s because they show the situation from all angles, all 360 degrees. And after seeing it, the viewer thinks: “Wow! This is how it really happened!”

There are 10 episodes: each has its own story and its own characters. Let’s look at them in more detail. P.S. Spoilers!

Here is the official ‘Drive to Survive’ Season 3 Netflix trailer:

Episode 1. Cash Is King

It all starts with the tests in Barcelona. Everything is as usual: the teams are waiting for the season, the drivers are in a good mood, there are spectators in the stands, and there are a lot of guests in the Paddock. No one takes the coronavirus talk seriously. There is no mask mode, everyone is next to each other.

The attention of the teams is attracted by the Racing Point car and causes a mixed reaction. The car is very similar to last year’s Mercedes. “Pink Mercedes” – this is the nickname the car will get. The teams ask the question: “Is this legal?” But the story will develop later, and in the meantime, everyone goes to Australia.

People are already seriously thinking about the new virus, tension is growing in the Paddock, and the borders of countries are beginning to close. At the press conference, Lewis Hamilton says that he is actually shocked that journalists, photographers and drivers are all together in the same room at such a moment. Later, the test from the McLaren mechanic will be positive. Teams begin to drop out of the game. Australian Grand Prix cancelled… What will happen next?

Episode 2. Back On Track

The virus is causing huge damage. The reality is changing – empty offices, dismissal of employees, salary cuts, working from home, mask mode, Skype interviews – now it seems to be a familiar thing, but then it looked very strange. This is the Survive to Drive mode.

But after a dark and long break, the drivers finally began to blow the dust off the cars and prepare for the Austrian Grand Prix. Formula 1 starts in July! Who would have thought it! Along with the start of the season, new intrigues have appeared: the fight is growing. Red Bull is protesting against the DAS system, which was introduced in Mercedes. DAS is a two-axis steering system that helps to adjust the angle of convergence of the wheels and improves the grip of the tires on the road when cornering. An interesting and controversial system. But the FIA decided that it was legal.

In addition to the “war games” between the two teams, the episode shows the first podium of Lando Norris, looking at which you want to cry! Netflix – what are you doing!

Episode 3. Nobody’s Fool

This episode was filmed during the Russian Grand Prix and is dedicated to the Mercedes team. Last year it was Germany – not the best weekend for the team. But this time it was much better.

The series revolves around Valtteri Bottas, who doesn’t want to be №2 in Mercedes. He is trying to get around Lewis, to force a fight on him, to get out of the shadows. The relationship between the teammate’s changes. In 2017, the Finnish driver won the race in Sochi for the first time in his career. And in 2018, there was an unpleasant incident when the team set him the task to let Lewis overtake him. Now Valtteri wants to win, he needs revenge. Does this mean that he is no longer a team player? Is it time to think about himself?

Episode 4. We Need To Talk About Ferrari

Ferrari did not participate in the first season of Drive to Survive. And in the second – it seemed to the fans – Netflix did not fully show the full potential of the Italian team. But they covered the whole Ferrari disaster in 2020 from all sides.

It’s been a tough year for the team. The season has not yet begun, and they have already announced the termination of the contract with Sebastian Vettel for 2021. Ferrari is focusing on Charles Leclerc because he is an important driver for their future. Monegasque has the longest contract in the history of the Scuderia Ferrari!

The tension in the team is growing. At the home Grand Prix in Monza, you can see that some chaos is going on in the team! Complete inconsistency of actions! A disaster! 13 and 17 places in qualifying, and then both drivers are eliminated from Sunday’s race! They have to fight with Mercedes, but they can’t fight with anyone as the result. Scuderia hasn’t had such a nightmare weekend in a long time. And then there is a celebration on the way, in honour of the 1000th Ferrari Grand Prix. Just before that, Sebastian Vettel announces a move to Aston Martin (Racing Point) next year.

Episode 5. The End Of The Affair

The tension is growing in the Renault team as well. Daniel Ricciardo announces a move to McLaren, which greatly hurts the feelings of Cyril Abiteboul, who has not even spoken to Dan for a while because of emotions. The team principal admits that he would like to continue working with the Australian driver, and hopes that he will regret his decision. But at the same time, Dan says that deep down, he felt it was time to leave.

Renault is stressed not only by this news but also by the Racing Point car, which shows just phenomenal speed! The French team decides to file a protest, and other teams join them. The decision of the FIA shocks Cyril Abiteboul, and Toto Wolff admits that this is a saga about Racing Point – it reminds him of a comedy.

Episode 6. The Comeback Kid

This series is dedicated to Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon. Pierre is trying to prove to Red Bull that they made the wrong decision by replacing him with Albon last year. Gasly was then publicly demoted and now he has a lot to prove. Red Bull admits that the team is monitoring Pierre’s progress.

Alex Albon is starting to feel a lot of pressure. Everyone at Red Bull is waiting for him to be on the podium, working with him to make him feel as confident as Max, who is in great shape! Despite this, Alex continues to feel like a rookie, he can’t make an impression on the team.

At the race in Belgium, Gasly looks very impressive! And then Monza: a brilliant race, the victory, the joy of the team, a storm of emotions, tears! Pierre seems to be saying to Christian Horner: look who you’ve lost! Alex is crushed. That race was a disaster for him.

Red Bull does not allow its drivers to open up to the end, the pressure immediately falls on them, the drivers do not know how to cope with it, and besides, they are very young!

Episode 7. Guenther’s Choice

Guenther Steiner became a real star after two seasons of Drive to Survive. No wonder an entire episode of the series is dedicated to him! The team’s goal for the season is to survive: there are no results, financial problems begin. Guenther is looking for sponsors and a driver with strong potential.

In this series, we also see the Alfa Romeo team. The plot is very interesting. Team principals are starting to fight for Mick Schumacher. On the one hand, it is more logical for Mick to go to Alfa, since he is from the Ferrari Driver Academy, on the other hand, Haas may have a German sponsor who is very interested in a driver from their country. Sponsors these days also want to influence the choice of drivers. Guenther decides to take a chance and announces the line-up for 2021: the team will be joined by two newcomers Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin.

Episode 8. No Regrets

“Get in your Ferrari already!” Oh! What a phrase, isn’t it? This is what Lando Norris says to his teammate. Unexpected? But not everything is so serious. Although the decision to leave the McLaren family was received by many ambiguously – Carlos Sainz Jr will drive for Ferrari in 2021. In the boxes, they whisper: perhaps the Spaniard regrets this decision? After all, he couldn’t have expected the Scuderia to fail so badly this season! Even Lando shares thoughts that maybe Carlos regrets, even if he says it’s not. Carlos, in turn, replies that the transition to Ferrari is an event that can not be regretted.

McLaren focuses on the British driver. That makes sense, now he’s their №1 driver. All the attention goes to the relationship between the two drivers – last year, both of them had brotherly love – this is a rarity in Formula 1. Has any cooling started? Is it because of the move to Ferrari? Are they fighting in earnest now?

Episode 9. Man On Fire

The Bahrain Grand Prix. The terrible accident of Romain Grosjean, which shocked not only Formula 1, but the whole world! Truly a real miracle of salvation. Romain comes out of the fire. I think there is no need to describe something and comment on it, you just need to see it. This episode is dedicated to the FIA and the Safety Marshalls.

The second part of the episode is the story of Sergio Perez. At the end of the season, drivers with an uncertain future are competing for a place in Formula 1. Checo is left without a place in the team right at the end of the season. The driver admits that Racing Point did not prepare him for this, on the contrary, they said that they want to continue working and then present such an “unpleasant” gift. Sergio has done a great job this season – it’s hard not to notice. He has little chance to prove himself. And then, he wins the penultimate Grand Prix of the season. For the first time in his career! What an emotional finish! Red Bull pays attention to him, especially against the background of Alex Albon’s failures, as a result, the Mexican is offered a place in the Austrian team. Absolutely deserved!

Episode 10. Down To The Wire

The fight for the World Constructors’ Championship continues. But not for 1st and 2nd places. Mercedes and Red Bull have already established themselves in the leading positions. The real battle is for 3rd and 4th places. There are three contenders: McLaren, Racing Point, Renault. The race in Abu Dhabi is shown in all its glory, especially the fight between the drivers of these teams for points. And in the end, the 3rd place is taken by McLaren! What an achievement! Team rebirth!

But this episode is also important in another way. At the end of the series, Lewis Hamilton talks about the fight against racism, shares his story, and tells how he uses his voice in Formula 1 to make the world a better place! It’s very dignified. 

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