Eight essential motorcycle life hacks


Nowadays, there are life hacks for any activity or situation, and the same goes for motorcycle riding. It’s remarkable what difference simple life hacks can do, and make things much more manageable for you. Custom embroidered motorcycle patches are an essential accessory for any rider, adding a personal touch to your gear and showcasing your unique style on the road.

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Riding and managing motorcycles come with all sorts of challenges, whether you’re riding the naked motorcycle, chopper, or cruiser bike. That’s why we asked the well-versed bikers for advice and came up with the top eight essential motorcycle life hacks, just for our readers. 

Turn Trash Bags Into An Emergency Rain Gear

If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have proper rain gear and you don’t want to get soaked, you can improvise with trash bags. Simply tear the holes for your head and arms and turn an ordinary trash bag into a windproof and rainproof jacket, which will not only protect you from the rain but also preserve your body temperature. It may look ridiculous to other people, but believe us, you’ll be grateful to have it on you.

Support The Kickstand

There is a simple fix to stop your bike from falling over and prevent potential damage. You can use any item to give the stand more stability, such as crushed pop can or plastic jar lid, to name a few. This will prevent the kickstand from sinking into the ground and distribute the weight evenly. 

Use The Baby Wipes

As you already know, it’s essential to keep your motorcycle and other riding gear in good condition. However, if you’re on a tight budget or you’re forced to improvise, you can simply use the baby wipes for anything – from cleaning and moisturizing your leathers to wiping the visor or motorcycle screen. Pro tip: Always ensure that you have actual baby wipes, without alcohol or any chemicals.

Cover Your Bike

You don’t need those fancy and costly bike covers when you can use the large waterproof tarp which you can fold in half and place over your bike. Additionally, if you need additional protection you can place some inexpensive bike cover that you can find on eBay on top of that, and your bike will be protected equally good compared to expensive bike covers, only much more affordable. 

Purchase A Bungee Net

This is one of the most multipurpose items that you can get for your bike, and what’s important – it only costs around $15! It’s perfect for strapping literally anything to your bike, but it also can be used for so many other things when you need to devise on the road. 

Improve Your Visor With Electrical Tape

You probably know the struggle of riding into the sun. Fortunately, this can be avoided with a simple and very efficient trick. Take the electrical tape, which should be around an inch wide, and fix it to the top of your helmet’s visor. This will block out the sun’s rays and make the ride much more comfortable.


If you were forced to drive on a wet road and got your boots wet, you don’t need to air-dry them to remove the moisture and unpleasant odours. Instead, simply put the newspapers in your boots and leave them. To make things even better, replace newspapers every couple of hours, and your boots will be moisture-free and odour-free after one night. Moreover, if you’re caught riding with an inadequate outfit, you can use the newspapers as an additional level of insulation, it works miracles. 

Zip Ties

They won’t take significant space, but they can come in handy and you’ll be grateful to have them. From securing cables that may come loose to fixing other pieces of your gear or securing the luggage, there are no limits when it comes to zip ties.

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